Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Who Killed my People?

After the invasion of Kuwait Saddam the (Rat) pulled the Iraqi troops in the dead time which allowed the coalition forces to kill a lot of retreated soldiers and destroy their armours and vehicles in what is called the road of the death between Iraq and Kuwait.

At that time the Iraqis especially in the south which has just came out of the 8 years war with Iran; reached its end point with the regime which killed, tortured, imprisoned, and humiliated and ethnic cleansing them over decades of its black rule. The people of the South then revolted against the most horrible regime in the world!

The uprising in 1991 spread very quickly from Basrah to the borders of Baghdad. It also occurred in the North of Baghdad like in Diyala in the Shia populated areas. The Shite were constantly targeted by the most dirty, racist, and fascist regime.

After Saddam's complete submission and bowing to the US led forces in Safwan Tent he used the most brutal ways to kill and torture the Shite. All the criminals who committed these brutalities should be brought to justice! Some of them already went to the hell like Hussien Kamal and Saddam's sons. One of the world's biggest mass murderers is Chemical Ali who is in the hands of the US forces and under their shoes to be humiliated as he used his shoes to kill the innocent people (the world saw these pictures on the TV). Mohammad Hamza was another killer and many others.

Among these killers are Arabs and the members of Mujahdeen Khalq of Iran. The Arabs who lived in Iraq with lots of facilities free of charge like houses and cars and so on from Saddam. They sold themselves to kill the Iraqis and to spy on them for Saddam. We do not like to specify who are they but the GC and the future government got a very important job to follow these thugs. Also included some of the Arabs and non Arabs who used to go under the cover of helping the Iraqis from the sanctions but they steal the Iraqi oil and blood and sale them the shit of the dogs!

Members of Mujahdeen Khalq who had been used by Saddam should not be allowed to escape outside and should be held until trails. Recently Al Jazeera channel has shown a film for these thugs and Al Haboosh Saddam's chief of security Mukhabarat planning to protect his Master regime against any Iraqi revolt. They killed many Iraqis in Diyala in 1991.

All the criminals should be listed and follow where ever they go by the legal international ways including the international police. Bring them to justice. It is part of the order of the Law and democracy and a lesson to the others!

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