Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Triplet of Today

1. The Arab Union of the Writers
During the meeting of the above union recently in Algeria some of the Arab delegates threatened to boycott the meeting if the Iraqi writers allowed to attend that meeting!!

Some of the Iraqi writers went there to attend and represent Iraq in that meeting. The position of Iraq used to be taken by the Iraqi writers who used to glorify Saddam.

Once the new free Iraqi writers arrived in Algeria they were taken into a hotel away from the site of the meeting. When they come to attend the (boss) of the Arab Writers Union Ali Aoukla Aersan (Syrian) threatened to withdraw his team if the Iraqis allowed to join! Some others like Palestinians and Jordanians have done the same. The Iraqis then returned from where they come!

Of course the meeting went as usual by glorifying the Arab super leaders as usual! The pockets then become heavy with coins and some sandwiches for children when they go back home!

The Iraqi writers should pull themselves from this Union until an official apologies submitted. Any way it was a good opportunity to expose those who worship and glorify the dictatorship.

2. Khaled Biaoth
I heard a recorded tape about a speech given somewhere may be in the West Bank or Gaza by the named above. He is a member of what is called as (Fatah) & Palestinian National Assembly .

I was so not surprised about the way the speech delivered because it is a typical fighting and emotional talk, but was surprised about the abusive, offensive and threatened language.

He described the Shia in Iraq as dogs, shoes, majoos (fire worshipers), non Arabs, and, many other dirty language. He also described Mr Sistani who is like the Pope to the Shia, described him as a worthless (Hakker in Arabic) which mean some one very tiny and dirty. His speech was of course about the Shia and Mr Sistani because of their position about the US forces and Saddam regime. He described the White House as the Black House and cursed the Iranians and wished them the downfall as well as the Americans. He said that he is certain that the US will loss the battle with the real Arabs in Ramadi, Faloogah, Mousel, Aadhamiah, and the Sunni triangle in Iraq. He considered the people of these regions as the real Arabs while all the rest as non Arabs! He called the GC members and the Shia as traitors to US and Iran while the legal president of Iraq is Saddam. He called to boycott the Shia in the same way of boycotting the Israelis!

The most serious thing in his speech was using a threatening terrorist language against the Shia and the GC members especially against Mowafaq Al Robaai. He said we will not mercy them from now on at all. He called down to the Vatican in Tehran and lives for the Arabism!!!

This man finished his speech like his master Saddam by saying (Walyakhsaia Al Khasiawoon) or 'fie on them' about the Shia and he wished by God will victory to the Mukaomah (resistance) and down to America!

We suggest people like this to be black listed by the US and prevented from US and Europian visits. We also suggest that black list should be created to include any one who use terrorist language of threat or encourage ethnic cleansing or instability. People like this man should concern about his country if he got one and pull his dirty nose from the others. We know that Saddam's dollars to him and the West Bank and Gaza have stopped and he know it will never come back again. This man has done nothing but harm to his people as he is one of their leaders.

3.The American Embassy in Baghdad
Part of the preparations to hand out the power to the Iraqis the US started to build the biggest Diplomatic Mission in the world. These preparations will facilitate the transfer of the authorities from the Pentagon to the State Department.

One important thing should be studied very carefully before the US authorities use the Republic Palace or any other Palace used before by Saddam as a site for the Embassy. These Palaces represent symbols of dictatorship, fears and tyranny for the Iraqis. We think using them by the US Embassy may give a bad signal to the Iraqis. We suggest that the US choice a good site and more friendly other than these palaces even if temporary. The US itself used to condemn Saddam for building such palaces while during the sanction. We suggest that the Republican Palace converted into a museum for the political history of Iraq and one of the other palaces may be converted into a meusum about the brutality of Saddam's regime.

I think the above suggestion is very important and if the US authorities not reading this site may be some one working with them could make a note about it and forward it to them.

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