Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Today's Suicidal Bomb in Baghdad

The suicidal wild animal that carried the attack already went to the Hell but those who supplied him with the means and brain washed him should be captured and hanged at the scene of the explosion after a just trail. These animals understand no language other than force. If you reward them for their terrorist barbaric acts they will do it some where else in a bigger scale to get a bigger reward and they will kill you all.

The questions which should be answered is who are they? Who gave them the means and from where? Who did the same attacks in Najaf and Baghdad before?
The criminals need to be uncovered by the responsible authorities in Baghdad like the CPA, the GC and the Iraqi Police and not to be set under the carpet! Who killed Majed Al Khoei and Baker Al Hakeem and who attacked the UN head quarter and the other criminal acts?

We need to know the results of the investigations?
Let the criminals face their punishment before you all die by their hands!

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