Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Today's Pentacle

1. Five Arabs arrested in connection with the explosion in Kerbala city! 2 Sudanese, 2 Syrians & 1 Yemeni! In another incident in Kerbala Iraqi people noticed a parked suspicious car so called the police who discovered large explosives in the car and arrested 2 other Arabs inside the car!
2. Fraud of 40 millions dollars has been discovered in the Ministry of Trade. High ranking staff in the Ministry may be involved. The Minister Ali Alawi initially said staff in the CPA also involved but he changed his comments after the CPA denied the reports. Alawi then said that personnel from the UN were involved because the fraud is related to an import of wooden doors under the supervision of the UN before they left after their headquarter explosion in Baghdad! The total cost of the building materials is 80 million dollars! This may be just the tip of the iceberg phenomenon! All signs show that the present government has failed so far. A new government with a clear plan is certainly needed. Iraq is passing through exceptional circumstances so an exceptional hard punishment should be implemented against corruptions.
3. Many previous Baath party members from 2nd to 4th degree started to come to the US forces to give up their weapons in return of a position in the new Iraq!! This may be encouraged by the capture of their God father! It is nothing but opportunistic attempts by opportunists?! They should have been given up their weapons long time ago. Now they should be submitted for investigated to see whether they committed crimes. They should have no role as leaders in any form at all. If they are cleared from crimes they still represent the picture of fears, atrocities, murders, prisons, tortures and iron grim. It is impossible to change their mentality even if they took off their olive coloured suites and personal guns.
4. The Salafi Mullas in Um Tobool Mosque threatened that they may declare a Fetwa (order) to say kill an American and go to Paradise!! Well paradise become like furnished apartments their keys in the hands of some people who give them like gifts to the killers!
5. British soldiers kicked to death a detained Iraqi man (according to the Sunday British Independent - Eight young Iraqis arrested in Basra were kicked and assaulted by British soldiers, one of them so badly that he died in British custody, according to military and medical records seen by The Independent on Sunday.)! The body of Bahaa Mosa had been given back to his family Sep 2003 after 3 days of his arrest with a lot of bruises and broken nose! The British military authorities offered 8 thousands dollars to the family in return for their silence and not suing the MoD. How cheap is the Iraqi blood only 8000 dollars for a life?! The family refused this and decided to sue the MoD. It is good for them really! I call the families of the Iraqi POW soldiers whose pictures been sexually and physically abused by a British solider to sue them as well. I don't know what Tony Blair will say about these during his sudden onset visit to the British troops in Basrah Today!

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