Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Story of the Bus of Horror!

This is a real story from Iraq Saddam that I wished Alfred Hitchcock is a live today to convert it into a film! It is also an invitation to the film producers to study the large amounts of the real stories from the holocaustic horrors of the republic of death!

The time is March 1991. The place is Babylon (Al Hila). It was a sunny day in the morning. All services have been damaged or destroyed by war. The people are exhausted, tired, confused, and their future is gloomy. Their oppressors and murders that have been defeated in Kuwait have been allowed by the coalition to use the helicopters which facilitated their crime against the Shiite and Kurds.

They landed in every uprising city by air and pushed their humiliated tanks against these cities which were called (the black cities) later by Saddam. One of these cities is Hilla. After they pushed their tanks in, on which inscribed (No Shiites after today) they called by loudspeakers all men between 18-45 years to gather in the main city square in Hila, Mahawel and Assadah! There are big cars waiting for them. When the cars filled they asked the rest to go back. The cars then moved for few miles before it split into two groups each one went into a narrow dusty road to the left of the main road. Then the tippers throw their loads in readily prepared big holes and the mechanical shovels turned the soil on the live people!!

It was a post war and uprising situation. The people are staying either inside their homes or escaped to the bushes. The road between Hila and Mahawel was empty a part from the noises of the tanks and cars of the killers and their horror producing shovels and birds which may be Angels witnessing the crime with deep cry coming from the sky. At that moment there was a Bus carrying passengers with families may be trying to escape the killing fields toward Baghdad! The thugs stopped it and forced the driver to drive into the hole with its passengers on their seats! After few minutes the bus disappeared under the soil and dust with the scream and agony of its passengers silenced forever!

After the bus excavated the passenger where found on their seats as if they are still waiting to complete their unfinished journey! Instead they travelled to their last destiny.
It was Hussien Kamel and his thugs who carried Saddam's orders to kill a fixed percentage of the Shiite from each city after the uprising in 1991.

Thanks to GWB the junior who liberated the Iraqis from Saddam regime and thanks to the Americans who supported that. The coalition soldiers who were killed in Iraq are Iraqi martyrs. This doesn't mean that we accept occupation but we consider it as liberation and we hope there will be a system to give birth to full democracy, after which the coalition forces will go back to their homes and loved ones safe and with flowers and friendship forever. Iraq will need the American support even after that. We think what happened to Saddam regime is the will of God by the hands of the US and its allies. The new Iraq will be a member in this coalition.

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