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The Scandal of Oil Bribes!

(Update List Below)

Documents found in the ministry of oil indicates that Iraqi oil worth hundred of millions of dollars have been given as bribes to Arabs and non Arabs individuals including politicians, MPs, Journalists, Parties, companies, and others in return for Saddam propaganda. The Iraqi ministry of oil said it will follow them through the appropriate lawful procedures and the International police.

Almada Iraqi newspaper and other Iraqi sites have published the names of 270 individuals from 50 countries including 16 Arab states. The deals were signed by SOMO which is an Iraqi oil company owned by the cousin of Saddam.
All the companies are Non-end users which mean they do not own refineries and acted as intermediary agents to sale their bribes!

I was unable to do a correct translation of the names but here is the list in Arabic published by the Iraqi Parliament site. The numbers beside each name represent millions of barrels of oil given.
Many sources think that the list is only the iceberg of bribes given over 35 years but the list above is given over the last few years from the oil for food or as smuggling of oil outside the UN programme. These individuals should be followed up not only by the Iraqis but by the UN to investigate the breach of the UN sanction at that stage! This breach is coin with two faces, one is the breach of sanction and the other is the breach of using the money for propagand or things other than the food for the starved Iraqi children!

List from MEMRI.

List includes:

1.Syria: 14 individuals total 89 millions barrel. Including the son of minister of defence and Hamiadah Naana.
2.Jordan: Ashanfari Group 5 millions
3.Cyprus: more than 33 millions including Mohammad Alhoni editor of AlArab newspaper who got 17 millions! Plus other 2 companies
4.Turkey: 11 individuals with 82.5 millions
5.Vietnam: 4 with 12.2 millions
6.Sudan: 3 with 12 millions
7.Yemen: 3 with 16.3 millions including AbdAlkarem AlAryani
8.Bangladesh: 43 millions for Molana Abd Almanan!!
9.India: 9.5 millions for Beham Sing and congress party!
10.Pakistan: 3 with 23.5 millions
11.Malaysia: 4 with 84.5 millions
12.Indonesia: 6 with 21 millions including daughter of Sokarno!
13.UAE: 8 with 55.2 millions including Essa Nihian, Sultan Nihian from the ruling family and M Saed Eutiaba
14.Morocco: 3 with 7.4 millions
15.Algeria: 2 for 12 millions
16.Tunisia: 3 for 14.4 millions
17.Italy: 8 for 61.5 millions including church priest and companies
18.Spain: 3 for 36.1 millions
19.Yugoslavia: 4 for 53.5 millions (Socialist party, Left party, Italian party and Kokostontasha party- if wright translation!)
20.Belarusian: 6 for 39.2 millions including communist and liberal parties and the head of the department of presidency
21.Romania: 2 for 6.5 millions including labour party
22.UK: 2 for 55.5 millions including George Galloway MP and Mujahdeen Khleek the Iranian group.
23.Canada: Arthur Mill Holland for 9.6 millions
24.USA: 2 for 17.5 millions including Shaker Khafaji and Samer Finsent
25.Chad: Foreign minister 3 millions
26.Thailand: the rice trader Gay Born 9.5 millions
27.Panama: one for 11.5 millions
28.Hungaria: 4.7 millions for Hungarian Welfare party
29.South Africa: 4 for 21 millions
30.Philippine: 3.5 millions for Philippine producers
31.Nether land: Cypolt! 3 millions
32.France: 11 for 169 millions including French Arab association
33.China: 5 for 84.1 millions
34.Jordan: 14 for 74 millions including Liath Shibilat, Fakhri Gaawar, Tojan Faisal, Fawaz Ziriakat, Salem Naas, Shaker Bin Zaid, M Saleh Horani, Ziad Yaghmor, Wameth hussien, Mashhor Hadethah, Ziad Ragheb, Salim Naas and ministry of Energy!
35.Palestinians: 6 for 37 millions including PLO and Abo Abas
36.Egypt: 11 for 82 millions including Khaled Jamal Abd Al Naser, Emad Eljalda and other companies
37.Lebanon: 14 for 34 millions including the son of president Lahood
38.Bahrain: 3 companies for 7 millions
39.KSA: 2 companies for 5 millions
40.Qatar: 5 for 24 millions including Mohammad Bin Ali Althani
41.Libya: Shokr Ghanem 1 million
42.Brazil: 2 for 14.5 millions including foad Sarhan
43.Ireland: 2 for 13 millions including Riyadh Altaher
44.Nigeria: 5 for 19.7 millions
45.Kenya: Mohammad Othman for 10.5 millions
46.Bulgaria: 2 for 14 millions including socialist party
47.Austria: 2 for 4 millions including hanz Kogglier
48.Swiss: 11 for 81 millions
49.Minemar union: 5 millions for minister of forest
50.Slovakia: 4 millions for communist party
51.Ukraine: 12 for 46 millions including communist parties
52.Russia: the largest. 1 milliard and 366 millions given to the state! And the others are 46 individuals, parties, statesmen, and companies etc, given 1343.5 millions!

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