Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Scandal is Bigger!

What leaked to the media from the oil bribes list submitted to the Iraqi GC by the ministry of oil is just the surface of the tip of the iceberg. Hoshiar Zibari the foreign minister indicated during his visit to Bulgaria that the bribes list is true.

Indeed bribing was a policy that Saddam's regime used to depend on for long time since its control of power. In 1970s and 1980s when VIP individuals visit the country, the Iraqis used to whisper, how much they took!

In actual fact dependent sources said that the published list is just the tip of the iceberg. The real list contains hundreds of names of very VIPs individuals. Among them are Arab politicians, artists, actors and writers. There are sons of heads of states and top governmental officials.
One female actor received bribes at many occasions. In only one of these occasions she received 5 Millions US Dollars! This may be Raghdah a Syrian actor lives in Egypt who used to go with a group of MPs, actors, journalist and others so often regularly in a propaganda of breaking the sanction. At least once she met Saddam publicly!

There is another story leaked to the media about an Arab attractive young singer, she received more than 1.5 Millions Dollars for spending 3 nights with Udy Saddam's eldest son!

(One of the parties Saddam son used to do during the sanction!)

In 1983-1985 Saddam's regime bought 128 top class apartments in Al Jizah which is a top class area in Cairo and gave them as a bribery gifts to its supporters.

Those published in the list either kept silent or denied it or telling that they were doing trades! We really so surprised how can a journalist or MP or politician or actor or a son of an official turn in one night into an oil dealer!

We would like to know the rest of the list and about the results of the investigations. These are true documents and not conspiracy. Indeed those who tried to put doubts on it are directly or indirectly defending the ugly act of a tyrant regime.

Saddam bribed too many people by different ways for long time to keep them silent about the parties of executions like the one below!

(one of the regular excutions he used to do in the cities during the Iraq Iran war! - the world was silent)

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