Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Reconstructing Iraq

There are a lot of signs indicates that the Iraqi reconstruction wheel start to spin. Iraq reconstruction will offer many opportunities to the companies, businesses and experienced individuals in every aspect from basics to high techs. Not only that but Iraq will open the Middle East and the North Africa for them if they do their jobs well in Iraq. This will be augmented by the Iraqis themselves. The Iraqis are very dynamic and hard working people. They are like their ancestors who invented the writing, the wheel, the banking services, the law, the astronomy; the city planning, the documentations, the arts, and many other things in the first civilization in Sumer more than 6000 years ago (see my first article in this blog please).

There are too many Iraqis well educated but unemployed whom will offer cheap hands to these companies other than the expensive imported hands! But this doesn't mean that the experts will not find jobs in the new Iraq. It is the reverse. Though Iraq has too many educated and hard working manpower but it was away from the recent advanced for longer than 20 years for the known reasons, so it needs all the expert manpower in all fields to train and work with the Iraqis. Working with the Iraqis is a joy because they got an open and dynamic mentality but they don't like those who cheat them! Iraqi society is more open than its neighbours especially the Gulf States. Its multi national, ethnic and religious culture makes it unique in the ME.

The companies start their marathon for competitions in Iraq and some planning to get Iraq as their base for the ME and Nr Africa. This is not a theory but it starts to happen right from now. For example VOEX who is a specialist company of telecommunication which started its services yesterday after signing a contract with Global net. They started to sale their mobiles and SIMS cards with GSM system and Erickson phones in Baghdad. They plan to cover all Iraq by the end of Feb. 2004 and from there to go abroad. They start to compete for lower prices of about 50 Cent for the minute and providing clear and fast services. From Iraq they plan to spread to ME and North Africa by using the Iraqi position, resources and dynamic manpower. So Iraq will not spread democracy only but markets, high techs and many other things.

The companies will find the Iraqi market very rewarding indeed because they will depend on the Iraqis for many of their jobs. This will be a rewarding aspect for the Iraqis because it will reduce the unemployment and improve the income. I heard a programme yesterday in radio SAWA about well educated Iraqis talking about their suffering due to unemployment. If the reconstruction start the unemployed people will get jobs and the economy improves and more companies will be needed and so on the wheel will get faster and then go to the neighbours. The wheel in Iraq will never stop. The most important thing is if the unemployment reduced there will be less people thinking about attacks and demonstrations and so on. This will increase the security and stability. It will then bring out to the success that the US and the other allies looking to show it over the rest of the world from Iraq. It will be a good tool in the hands of GWB in the next election and it will make Iraq as a very important strategic ally to the US in the region or may be the most strategic ally. GOOD LUCK GWB!

PS: I am looking to build a private hospital in Baghdad any partners?!, please come; let me know; but I need all the money; I don't have any money!! Is there any company interested to offer the money!!

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