Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Oum Al Toobol Mosque?

The US forces arrested a clergy man responsible for delivering speeches in the above mosque.

The thing which brought my attention in actual fact is the name of the mosque! This mosque which is in the heart of Baghdad called for long time since its creation Oum Al Toobol. When you mention the name every one know where it is. We noticed from the news that the name of this mosque has been changed to (Bin Taimiah)! Bin Taimiah is the father of the (Salifiah). Salifiah means the Antecedents or the followers of the previous mullahs like Bin Taimiah and Mohammad Bin Abd Alwahab the father of the Wahabism. The best example of them is the regime of Talaban and Bin Laden. They are extremist or radical and consider many Muslims as infidels.

The question is why the name of this old mosque changed and why from a very well know name to all Iraqis into Bin Taimiah in particular?!

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