Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Observatory Points

1. Saddam at last in Al Radwaniyah; the most horrific detention centre created by himself for his victims though he get a five star services not like his victims! The Al-Radwaniyah detention center is a former POW facility near Baghdad and reportedly the site of torture as well as mass executions. He is allowed 12 hours for sleep, cleaning and rest. The other 12 hours was set for interrogation by specialist American teams. He cleans his own cell which is provided with a small toilet and a bed. They allow him to read some Iraqi newspapers. His food contains a mixture of cheese, butter, honey, milk, bread and tea for the breakfast; hot meal with meat for lunch and his dinner included fruits and vegetables as well. He put the pictures of his sons, some of the killers in his regime and astonishingly also President George Bush picture in his cell! It is strange why he put GWP picture?! Saddam disclosures may reveal dangerous information about many Arabs and Non-Arabs and states. They know themselves well. The other prisoners have been moved to Abu Ghurayb prison from the detention camp in the airport may be as a preparation to reopen the airport and a step for the trials of these murderers.
2. Iran has removed the name of Khaled Islamboli from a street in Tehran and banned his stamp before the expected visit of Hosni Mubarak the President of Egypt! They also removed the big portrait of KI behind the bars which was hanged in the same street which is in the area of the Egyptian embassy. KI killed the previous President Anwor Saddat after his visit to Israel. KI who has been considered as a hero may become a terrorist soon! Cairo may respond to remove the name of Riza Shah Behalavi from its street there!! The hasty, volatile mentality of the ME states brought nothing to its people other than the destruction and regression. They respond in a reactive, hasty and un-prudent way to the events. After the damage becomes irreversible they just put things back to square one or even less. The other examples are Libya, Sudan, Syria, and so on.
3. The Iraqi Minister of culture Mofied Al Jazairi appealed for every one can help to return the archaeological heritage of Iraq back. Thousands of pieces of this heritage which is going back to more than 5000 years ago have been looted during the war of (Um Al Hawasim)! I, from my Blog here, call every one who can help to return this heritage which belongs not to Iraq alone but to the humanity and to do so by all means.

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