Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Just a Survey

1. Just after the suicidal coward attack in Baghdad which killed 26 Iraqis and more than a 100 injured the same thugs committed another crime by an explosion near the shrine of Al-Abbas in Kerbala. It is obvious then who are these garbage!
2. Sources revealed that some of the big members of the Baath including wanted killers and terrorist trying to benefit from the Haj season to escape from Iraq to Saudi Arabia and then to other countries. Among them is Ezzat Addori the wanted number one on the 55 play cards! Money could be smuggled in either direction from and to Iraq to supply the terrorist attacks.
3. The suicidal who attacked a police station in Baqoba noticed to speak with non-Iraqi Arabic accent! At least 35 were killed and injured!
4. The US forces killed 1 Syrian and 2 Yemenis yesterday in Baghdad after they opened fire on the US solders during a raid on the house they stayed in. Explosives and hand grenades have been found in the house.
5. There is no need to carry the pictures of Khomeini in any occasions in Iraq. Khomeini pictures remind the Iraqis about Saddam and the 8 years war. The Shiites in Iraq are different than the Iranian and they do not like to follow their ways at all. The Iraqi Shiites are Iraqis and not Iranian and no need to carry the Khomeini pictures at this time or at any time. Khomeini is for the Iranian and not for the Iraqis. We welcome the Iranians as neighbours and friends but not to interfere in our affairs or try to export their ideology to us.
6. Abd Al Aziz Al Hakeem should give his explanation why he signed the 137 civil rule by which the 40 years old civil law could have been abolished! The 137 decree has been rejected by Paul Bremer but Mr Hakeem should give his explanation about the issue. A change of the civil law should not be taken so easily and it should be studied and discussed by the specialists to modernize it if needed. At that stage Mr Hakeem and the others could give their views but not to impose it.

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