Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Ignition of the Volcano!

The situation in Iraq is very tense and the only thing which keeps it quiet is the promises about freedom, democracy and reconstructions. There is news by the Arabic site Elaph (see below) about asking Bachachi (Sunni) to form a government!

If this is true it may be the ignition that you don't like to see. It is a big mistake to appoint or ask some one to form a government now. Any government formed by an appointed person will certainly fail! The consequences of failure could be huge for the Iraqis and the coalition and the only winner will certainly be the terrorists.
Bachachi only represent a few members of his own party or group and above all the majority of Iraqis will look to this as a continuation of the ethnically Sunni leading minority government.
The best solution if a government needed is to have an elected person from too many candidates by some sort of an election. The elected candidate will form a government as a PM. On the same time the GC could be expanded and its chairmanship may be select by voting by its own members to elect 3 chairmen each one will lead for 4 months. After 1 year only an election should be carried out under the UN supervision.
So needed is an election to give birth into interim government and GC before an ideal election for a government. Any person come by election will be accepted irrespective of his background and ethnic status.

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