Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

A day of mourning; GC & CPA

We call up on the CPA, the GC and the Iraqis in Baghdad who can join and the families of the victims of Baghdad barbaric attack to go tomorrow or a day of their choice during this week to where the attack happened and have a 3 minutes silence and read Al Fatiha (verses from the Holly Quran) and a verses from the Bible if there are Christian citizens among the victims. Also get flowers as much as you can to the site where the innocent souls been taken off by the hands of the killers. Let us show the killers that the life of our people is of great value for us who ever they are. Let us get our flowers there for the souls of the victims. Let us show our support to the families of the dead. Please do it!

We also demand from the religious leaders of the Shiite (Mr Sistani), the Sunni, the Christians, and the others to send letters of condemnations and letters of support to the families of the victims. Get out of your silence about these acts of evil for Allah seek.

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