Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Civil Law?!

The Interim Government Council has issued a controversial rule (137) which was signed by Abd Al Aziz Al Hakeem on 29 Dec 2003! In one line the previous 40 years old civil law has been replaced by referring all the civil affair cases into the local clergy men or tribal chiefs and according to the faith of the person!
Mr Paul Bremer of course hasn't passed it which is good.

There were a lot of demonstrations went against this futile reactionary decision by the GC! How dear they decided to abolish 40 years old civil law which is not representing the previous regime but it more represents the unity of the Iraqi society by one civil law. It is a big mistake for the GC to decide now about the big issues which needs special groups and panels from specialist people to review it first. Then they may put structured suggestions to improve or change or modernise the inappropriate parts.

Signing to abolish a civil law by this way indicates one of two things, either ignorance by the GC about the whole issue or intentional. In both circumstances the new suggested one line civil law is not suitable for a fish in its pool! It will cause nothing but more division in the society.

We suggest that this matter should be left to the specialists to study the whole civil law and then come into a unified conclusion.

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