Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Bin Laden Latest Tape

Al Jazeera TV just broadcasted a tape said to be by UBL. He condemned the Arab leaders who helped US to topple Saddam. He also condemned these states because of their acceptance of the Iraqi GC. He criticized the governments who stopped the financial support to the Palestinian groups. He also criticised the reformist among the Mullahs.

His letter was mainly critical about the Arab rulers and a call to fight the infidels. He called the Muslims to form an Assembly as a replacement for the present governments. He said today is Baghdad and tomorrow is Riyadh and described the situation in Iraq as the present Rome army in there.

The strangest thing that he makes no threatening to the US as before!

Al Jazeera then asked Abd Al Bari Atwan in London who supported UBL speech calling him The Sheikh UBL. He agreed with UBL and adds a cream on the cake on the letter of UBL. His comment were synergistic with the UBL tape and additive to the Al Jazeera!

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