Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Arabs Steals Iraqi Money

News confirmed that millions of the new Iraqi money have been smuggled to Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt and may be many other Arab countries! In Lebanon it becomes a scandal because of Lebanese firms employed in Baghdad airport security may be involved as well as some officials. Investigations are underway! In Egypt millions have been discovered by the police and they decided to stop dealing with the new Iraqi money to try to stop the thefts from further smuggles. Jordan had its share as usual.

On the time Japan sending its sons and money to share in the reconstruction of Iraq and the US and its Western allies leading this process; the Arabs send their sons to kill the Iraqis and the coalition forces and steal the new money hoping to get rich when the US and its allies start the process of reconstruction. More than that the Arabs loudly shouting and yelling telling us that the US there to kill the Iraqis and to confiscate their wealth!

We advise the Iraqi GC and the new government to limit its offer and contract for the Arab companies in the process of rebuilding. You should make a deal with the good, trusty and honest and avoid the bad, ugly and hypocrites! This not a reaction but a fact.
PS: Yesterday was the last day of Saddam's money. It is replaced with the new Iraqi money.

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