Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Why Ahmed Al Chalabi member of the GC offers 100 millions Dinars to Jordan?!
In an article in Arabic published in Elaph today Said that Mr Chalabi accepted to pay 100 millions Dinars to Jordan in return of closing the allegations of the Jordanian government against Chalabi regarding the scandle of the Al Batra Bank. Mr Chalabi was the manager of that Bank more than 10 years ago when the Jordanian government accused him of fraud. He then was sentenced in abstentia for at least 22 years imprisonment after he left Jordan.

After the fall of Saddam regime the Jordanian media and its government resurrected and escalated the issue. Mr Chalabi stayed definite and rejected all the allegations and said that the government in Jordan falsely accused him due to his positions against Saddam who pushed Jordan against him.

If the above article is true, then, why Mr Chalabi accepted to pay them 100 millions Dinar now if he was innocent?! If this is true he should first explain his position to the Iraqi people. On the same time is he as a member of GC going to ask the Jordanian government to return the stolen Iraqi money by the previous regime members and family. How many millions Saddam daughters escaped with to Jordan?

Generally speaking if the Iraqis like to be free and like to have a democratic system like the one in the USA, UK, Japan and other Democratic states including the only Democratic Middle East state Israel, they should hold any one account of his work. And any one should submit a clearance of criminal record in the past before holding any job especially high ranking jobs.

I think after the previous hardship for the last 100 years especially the Saddam era, Iraqis should accept no one should be above the LAW.

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