Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Savor of Freedom

At last, telephone communication to Iraq can go throw now.
Incredible; for the first time since 20 years one can talk generously to his parents, brothers, sisters, family and friends with out the fear of being tapped by Saddam Security Services. During Saddam regime the only thing that any Iraqi may say to his family is just (hello; how are you and we are fine). Who dare to utter any thing about the regime or even bring up the name of the tyrant? It was very hard to obtain a call to Iraq as the regime set the lines in a queue to be able to snoop on and trace them. You may have to dial for some time up to several days to get through.

Though it is joyful to talk unreservedly now but some of the news was depressing. Lots of relatives and friends who vanished at some stage during the previous regime or supposed to be outside the country had been found executed according to the reports of the (Moukhabarat) the security. They smuggled some of the Iraqis from Kuwait and Jordan back to Iraq and killed them.

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