Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

New Recorded Voice Tape for Saddam in Al-Arabyiah TV

Al-Arabyiah TV broadcasted a new recorded statement for Saddam today. They told he gave it to their TV station in specific. He added nothing but cursed his foes and their mischief and asked for paradise to his martyrs. The same TV station told that President Bush describe this as propaganda.

The question is where this TV station got the tapes from? Who give it and where? Why Al-Arabyiah TV put a back ground music when broadcast it? Same thing applied to Al-jazeera TV in broadcasting to Saddam and Bin Laden.

From Al-Jazeera TV today I heard that in Moosal north Iraq where the crash of the USA Helicopters occurred that there are 2 streets named after Al-Fulojah as Fulojah 1 and 2!
Any one can read very clearly the joy in the eyes of the broadcasters in these channels when they present a news a bout the coalition forces or Iraqis killed in a bomb or so. Some time they film these incidents live. How and who told them about it to go to the scene? We know that there should be freedom in the media, but it should not be biased. It is even worse if this bias could lead to blood shed, life losses and destructions.
The propaganda of these TV stations and their alike are the same gung of the Arab media of 1950s but by using the oil money to buy new technology from their foe the USA and the West. What is the meaning; when Al-Jazeera presents a report about the above crash then shifting the subject on the name of the 2 street? It is nothing but serving an aim which is shared between them and those who put the name. Can this channel tell us how long is this street and in which area it is and who named it?

I wonder whether there is any thing in the international law which may prevent these TV stations and their government from being propaganda to the evils.

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