Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq's Neighbors

Damascus meeting about the security of Iraq attended by Syria, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, & Turkey, born dead not because they called Iraq to attend in the last moment and Iraq refused but because these states and other Iraqi Neighbors like UAE do opposite to what they say. They say that the security in Iraq is important for them (which is a fact) but they do exactly the opposite.

Take an example UAE, Jordan, & Syria all of the government of these states offer a safe heaven to the members of the previous regime with millions of stolen Iraqi money. They with these money act to provide various help and roles in the terrorist and criminal attacks in Iraq. These people escaped from Iraq after or just before the fall of the previous regime and given flexible facilities to work the stolen money in many different ways.

All the Iraq neighbors states calls for an elected government in Iraq but they forget that they themselves have no elected government and all of them are very old dictatorship states.

The media in these countries especially Syria, Al Jazera in Qatar, Al Arabiah in Dubai, Abo Dhabi TVs , Jordan media, Iran media and others offers loudly an encouraging voice to the terrorist in Iraq and even in other regions. Some of these states use big money to feed secret operations in Iraq like Iran.

Many of these states opened their borders and giving passports may be indirectly to the terrorist infiltrating Iraq especially from Syria and Iran and KSA borders.

To stop or reduce the terrorist attacks in Iraq like the one happened against the Italian base last night these states need to stop there support to the previous members of Baath regime and hand them to the Iraqi authorities and frozen their money. They have to abide to the international call to stop the media from supporting the terrorist or face consequences.
If these states and their media stop their negative interferences in Iraq this will cut a big supply to the terrorist in there. I think the international community if will can put big pressure on these states.

About the inside the Baath members give the terrorist safe heaven to do their acts. For those if you cut the head of the snake it will die. So as where is the head. It is Saddam and the other big heads. If those get quick trials and catch the rest the internal safe heaven and organization will vanish quickly.

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