Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Interesting Points

1. The central Post Office in Baghdad announced in the local media that there are letters and parcels belong to Saddam Hussien. The PO called for him to came or send some one to collect his parcels! This man used to create museums for his gifts. Now, the wrath of God by the sword of America made him to hide from his own mail.
2. The international TVs showed thugs dancing on the bodies of the Spanish dead in Iraq! OK so the Iraqi police and the CPA got the pictures of those who outlaw themselves. Have these authorities gone a head and arrested these thugs? If not are they going to do or not? If not why? Strange isn't it. Like the mail of Saddam it should be confiscated and searched because it belongs to a criminal fugitive.
3. 29 international media groups and companies compete for one of the largest projects of rebuilding Iraq. It is the 200 millions dollars worth TVs and radio broadcasts for Iraq. BBC and 20 American companies prepare there cases.

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