Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Current News about Iraq

1. The CPA announced that the work started in the Iraqi Embassies in 44 countries. The most important is to clean up all the diplomatic offices from the members of the previous regime.
2. Saddam visited one of the cities in the Sunni area according to the Sunday Times. His host was a Sheikh benefited from his regime. He also had a meeting for the Baath party during his visit. He refused to take a picture with a boy who requested that and told him that he will take lot of pictures after liberation of Iraq. I think the Sunday Times lied to its readers.
3. CPA cancelled all non-military flights to Baghdad Airport after the DHL plain rocket attack. DHL also cancelled all its flights to Baghdad until the security situation reviewed. (BBC)
4. US Jets strike targets in the city of Samara north west Baghdad on Sunday 2003-11-23 (Arab News daily)
5. Some outside smugglers trying to smuggle 3 millions tons of scraped steel from Iraq (Al Sharq Al Awsat)! Who is responsible for that and where is the new ministry from it?
6. Warning: Donkeys may be terrorist though they are ashamed to be so! In more than one time rockets have been lunched from donkeys pulled carriages against Palestine hotel, Sheraton and the Ministry of Oil in Baghdad (Azzaman).
7. The IP (Iraqi Police) trying to stop Iranian secret agents from infiltration by doing training on the borders (Azzaman) .
8. The first ambassador for the new Iraq is in Washington. Rind Rahim Francke become the first Ambassador for the new Iraq. She is an Iraqi-American woman led the Iraq Foundation, a Washington-based pro-democracy group, and has helped in post-Saddam Hussein planning. Good luck Rind and try to change the picture of Iraq as a civilized democratic state and as an example of democracy for the Middle East. (New York times)
9. One of the Terrorist in Iraq told (according to Al Sharq Al Awasat): "I hate the Iraqis more than the Americans due to their negative action against the American and I like to see the Iraqis and the Iraq destroyed". Go to hell you and all the terrorist and the new Iraq will work against terrorism with its friends including the USA and the UK.
10. Tomorrow the first day of Eid in Iraq according to Al-Jazeera news. How and who decide the Eid & the lunar month? A question for the GC??

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