Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Comments on the Current Events

1. Unlike the US president, who never even left the main military site at Baghdad airport during his 2.5 hrs visit, Mrs. Hillary Clinton met many non-government and government people of Iraq as well as the US troops.
2. It is understandable that Mr Bush visit to Baghdad was top secret journey. It was a unique experience for the White House and the US presidents and planned very well from the point of the departure and all the way through. I think Mr Bush learned from Saddam the game of hiding to avoid danger and death but he should have been gone all the way through like Mrs Clinton.
3. The Italian and German Authorities have arrested what thought to be top leaders in a network group related to Al Qaeda who may have a major role in recruiting suicidal terrorist for Iraq. Then they send them to Syria and Istanbul and then to Iraq. Those arrested are Algerian, Moroccan and a Tunisian woman. In Syria they released the name of the person who organizes the transportation. This seems to be a complex new mafia of making money from brain washing ignorant people to make them terrorists and send them to kill and be killed while the money go to the pockets of those who make the transportation and so on.
4. Fox news reported that the Iraqi police may have helped in coordinating some of the attacks in Baghdad. I think it is better not to send the Iraqi police to get trained in Jordan which is another totalitarian state and its own people including the police force like Saddam regime. Who know what would happen to the Iraqi police men who were send for training in that country. Jordan also provides safe heaven to many of Saddam family and his regime. I think the Iraqi police should be trained in Iraq and not in countries with bad human rights records.
5. Six Spanish Intelligence Agents killed in Baghdad today. No comment!
6. News rumor that Saddam start to get tired from his hiding and some of his supporters are willing to get the prize of 25 millions dollars. Same thing applied for (Abo Al-Thaleg).

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