Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The American occupation of Iraq continued

The USA troops in the cities have been withdrawn to the outside of these cities including Baghdad, however not very far. The occupying troops only pulled few kilometers from the cities centers to rest on well equipped bases in very strategic positions which are all over controlling these cities. In fact the occupiers have strengthened their control and reduced their losses.

It is therefore contrary to the statements of propaganda by Nori Almalki and the other sectarian-based politicians of Iraq that the 30th of June 2009 was the day of the sovereignty of Iraq. It is not the end of the occupation to call it this. On the other hand the Iraqis were happy to see the occupiers have left the streets taking with them their arrogance and destructions however the only way to gain the sovereignty is when the last solider leaving Iraq for ever.

The sectarian-based government of Iraq has done no good for Iraq since the fall of the previous dictator 2003 until now but corruptions every where and in larger than under the previous dictator.

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