Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Iraqis protesting against the US indefinite occupation of Iraq

Hundred of thousands to millions of Iraqis protested on Friday 17/10/2008 in Baghdad and other cities such as Kut, Najaf, Basrah, Kerbala, Dewaniyah, Mothana, against what is called the security pact between the occupiers (America) and the occupied (Iraq)!!!

Some of the banners carried by the protestors saying (we will resist the occupation until the last solider leave or country with humiliation), (No to the disgraceful pact), (we all love you Iraq), (Death be to the occupiers the enemies of the liberals), and many other banners and slogans which all indicate the rejection of any pact not stating the exact end to the occupation.

We the Iraqis do not want to see the American occupation goes behind the end of the existed mandate. There should be no one occupiers left in Iraq in few months time and if any one stayed then it should be targeted as an occupiers. If the pact as such is going to be signed then those who sign it will be traitors and will be treated as such by the Iraqi resistance. At such time the resistance will not be among certain groups but it will be Jihad against the infidels and the occupiers.

In fact the US ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker behaves like the real ruler of Iraq and the government of Al-Maliki is just a sort of puppet. After his statement to the US Senate Hearing the White House stated that the pact will replace the existed UN mandate that expires in 31 Dec 2008. The news media then published some of the drafts of the “secretly” negotiated pact. The Guardian and many other news agents stated about the large number of American bases and the immunity of their members to continue it s operations in Iraq for indefinite time!!! It is all about the American interests and the oil and more than that to keep a dominate forces to control the Islamic land and Muslims.

The American pact is nothing but humiliation to the Iraqis. This is against the interest and the sovereignty of the Iraqi people and no one should put himself in a position to sign it. In fact such pact with the Americans who destroyed Iraq since 1991 and killed millions of its children by two wars and 12 years barbaric sanction followed by occupation, such pact is nothing but an aggression not against Iraq alone but against Islam and other Muslims.

All the Iraqis irrespective whether they are Shiites, Sunni, or others are untied against any long lasting occupation and they want to see an end as soon as possible to the existed humiliating occupation status. Any one among the government of Nori Almaliki is going to sign such pact without determining the exact date for the last solider to leave Iraq in few months will not represent the Iraqis at all.

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