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John McCain visit to Iraq is not welcomed and a failure

JM surprised and undercover visit to Iraq meeting with his occupying mercenaries is illegal and against the sovereignty of the country. However this man behaves just like his master GWB as an occupying imperialistic force leader.

At least for the Iraqis, this man is not welcomed and we feel uncomfortable of his existence on our land especially visiting his mercenaries in our country without permission from the puppet government in Baghdad.

It is now 5 years since the barbaric invasion which was described as new crusades by the war criminal GWB and Iraq went from worse to worst and still declining down the hill in all aspects of life. It is foolish now to believe that the war was to liberate Iraq from Saddam Hussein because it imposed thousands of Saddam Hussein that behave like wild dogs. Not to mention corruptions on extremely wide scale.

Few weeks ago the Foreign Minister of Pakistan declared that America encourage terrorism and used it as an excuse to interfere in the Muslim world. This is exactly what is happening in Iraq. The occupying Americans in Iraq encouraged and encouraging all kind of terrorism in Iraq while on the same time encouraging corruptions and protecting those who did it. They then used that as a tool and excuse to keep their forces occupying our country while telling the world something different in the worst hypocritical way. It is better for JM to get his forces back home before more and more of them will be killed or wounded and before more and more innocent Iraqis killed by both his forces and the terrorists that the USA encouraged.

America play a major part in destroying Iraq and preventing it from progression including the American involvement in all the violence which followed the 2003 invasion intentionally or by keeping blind eye on it. America is hypocritical imperialistic state occupying our land, killing us, destroying our structures, preventing us from having our own forces, and keeping us watching them like guinea pigs. Simply they want us to be fully and completely depending on them especially in protecting our land from the outside and providing security.

JM visit to Iraq is another failure and when he said that he is fearing from more attacks in the autumn because of the US election he means he fears not about the Iraqi lives neither about his soldiers lives but because of him may lose the election!

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