Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Middle East New War

The war between Lebanon and Israel will end at some stage but the only loser in it are the innocent civilians especially from the Lebanese side taking in account the large destruction that the Israeli forces doing now in Lebanon infra structures.

However the war may extend to involve other countries like Syria or even Iran. If Syria or Iran attacked, Israel have to realize that more serious destruction will happen to its own infrastructures and civilians and then only God knows when and how the war will end.

On the other side it is unethical to target the innocent civilians and their roads, hospitals or services in any war.

The most important now is that, Hizballah showed that they are able to attack with precisions deep inside Israel. This will change the balance of power in away that if Israel hit inside Lebanon the Lebanese may hit heavily inside Israel.

Wars create only destructions and Israel and the Lebanese should stop war and negotiate to decide peace immediately.

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