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New Iraqi government but too late!

At last and after 4 months from the Iraqi election the deadlock for the formation of the government has been relaxed after the nomination of the United Iraqi Alliance of their new nominee as Prime-Minster.

Now the Assembly got all the nominees for the (top ugly jobs!) and welcomed by the different factions!! However the formation of the entire government will certainly takes some time. Mr Malki the new PM said he will put the names of his government to the Assembly with in 30 days. This is another delay that Iraq is unable to bare!

There are lots of works awaiting the new government which will not be envied by many. The new government will inherit too many difficulties. On the top of these is the security and terrorism which will certainly increase as the new government in process of formation. The terrorists will try to show that they are there and as strong as before. In the next few days they will send many suicidal thugs and cars as a signal to the new government and to the Multi National Forces (USA). This is why the new PM should submit his government as soon as possible. Any delay will lead to more attacks during the transitional time. The first mistake that Mr. Malki commit is by saying he needs 30 days to form the government. He should have been said as soon as possible within few days and then submit his list in a day or say a week. Days, days, days are a waste of time that the new PM is responsible for.

The number of the attacks against the MNF will certainly increase in the coming weeks and months as well as against the Iraqi civilians and public places. For the last time especially from 2004 onward, thousands of Iraqis were killed, wounded, disappeared or forced to leave. The problems are getting worse every day however the media shed less and less light on it including the Iraqi media.

There is no doubt the interim government of Al-Jaafri has failed to provide the minimally accepted solutions for most of the problems including the security which become even worse and the new PM have to act firmly and promptly to be able to achieve what his predecessor failed to do so.

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