Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Historical Day in Iraq and the Region

Now it is the first hours of the 15 Dec 2005.

In few hours time Iraq will be the Model in Democracy and freedom for the Middle East and the Arab region.

Iraq will lead the changes.

Finally the totalitarian and the one dogma dominated region will end.

God make people free and no one should impose his thoughts to control the others.

Governments are not representing God on earth and should not be absolute power for life.

Iraq today will challenge the terrorism and will vote freely for a government which will stay for 4 years only.

The Iraqis today will show the world that they will vote for the Freedom, Democracy and Civilization. They will vote to say No for the terrorists.

The Iraqis already voted since yesterday to say Yes for Peace and regional and international stability and prosperity to all the nations and people with no exception but the terrorists.

God bless Iraq and its allies and friends.

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