This will serve the aim of the terrorists only! The terrorists' aim by intensifying their attacks is to prevent elections, democracy and freedom.

Postponing election is nothing but a bow for the terrorists.

Zarqawi in Canada not Basrah!

An Iraqi driver working in Canada for the last 5 years has been found beheaded inside his Taxi on Friday 19 Nov 2004.

Thualfikar Allattiya 41 years old was a father for 3 children and living in Windsor in Canada.

Zawahiri appeared in Al Jazeera!

There is nothing new in today's tape but some of what Zawahiri said about the Arab states especially the dictatorship regimes, the lack of human rights and the oppressions are true indeed.


This will serve the aim of the terrorists only!

Better Security after Falluja liberated

We pointed out before that Falluja liberation will reveal a lot of secrets including issues related to WMD!

It has been released today that the Iraqi and US forces found a site South of Falluja most likely used to manufacture Chemical weapons.

Mosques and Hospitals were deviated from their purposes to be used for weapons and attacks. In the Mosque used by Abdallah Al Janabi (Saad Bin Abi Waqas) found the largest numbers of weapons. Janabi was involved in the kidnapping and killing of many innocent people including the 6 Shia youths killed few months ago on his orders.

According to a US officer the quantity weapons found in Falluja is enough to control the whole Iraq.

In addition a prominent member of Zarqawi group has been arrested yesterday. In Basrah 5 terrorists (2 Egyptians, Saudi, and Libyan & Sudanese) who escaped from Falluja were arrested today. Many others were arrested or killed in Mosel, Diyala and Ramadi. The campaign should be intensifying to prevent the terrorists from regrouping.

Certainly for the last of few days and after the liberation of Falluja the security situation is much better in Iraq. However the areas south of Baghdad are still considered as a stronghold for many criminals and terrorists and may attract more fleeing Falluja.

The Iraqi authorities should hit them strongly before they regroup.

Liberation of Latyifyiah and surrounding areas should be sooner rather than later.

Ali Sistani

Some of the Wahabi Sheikhs called to kill the Grand Aiyat Allah Sayid Ali Sistani! The terrorists will try to achieve this goal if they could. However Ali Sistani himself called not to revenge against the Sunnis in Latyfyiah who killed hundreds of Shias in the area and in their way from or to Baghdad. This brutality is on going and it also involved many other foreigners. In a question about revenge from Shia tribes who were ready to wipe out this area from existence, Mr Sistani opposed the idea and called for calm down.

Who killed the Sunni Sheikhs in Iraq?

In his new tape of rubbish Zarqawi blame the Sunni Sheikhs for the killing of his thugs in Falluja because they failed to issue a fatwa for Jihad!

No wonder why he ordered his terrorists to kill the Sunni Sheikhs in Mosel and other parts. He wishes by this to achieve two aims. One is to dictate his will on the other Sunni Sheikh by force and the second aim is to inflame the situation in Iraq.

It is interesting that the Post Mortem study of the body of Al Faydhi (Sunni Sheikh killed recently) revealed that he was killed by a Dum-Dum bullets which explode inside the body. This type used by other regional countries like Israel and used before in Bosnia but it may also be available in Iran and Syria.

Sharm Al Sheikh meeting!

Egypt foreign Minister statements were encouraging about Iraq stability and freedom.
Kharazi FM of Iran exposed his fear from terrorists may go from Iraq to Iran and stated that Iran will encourage Muqtada Sadr to join the political agenda for election.

Well GOOD point for the Iraqi government to play the card of eye for eye and tooth for tooth with Iran and Syria! If you send us terrorists then here we are we will send some for you and let it be practical if they don't stop. On the other hand if you don't stop we can not say no to the US forces if they want to stop these terrorists, by crossing the borders or creating a buffer zone in either side with the support of other allies.

Alert: Where is Zarqawi?

The liberation of Falluja from the terrorists exposed many sites and tools used by the terrorists Abo Musab Zarqawi but he is not found!

So most likely he escaped unharmed with group of his closest thugs either outside or inside Iraq. The latter is the most likely possibility. There are many possible areas he may go to. Latifyiah, Yosfyiah, Baqoba, Ramadi, Mosel, Kurkuk, Tikrit, Tel AAfar, Baji, Balid, Samara, and even Baghdad are possible sanctuaries.

There are speculations that he was seen in the north in Kurkuk but not proved yet.

The Latest (few hours ago) unconfirmed reports that Zarqawi is now surrounded by the Iraqi National Guards in Baqoba after escaping from Kurkuk earlier.

Who will get the 25 millions dollars?!

Certainly he and his group are not in a good position and may fall in the hands of the Iraqi police or the multi-national forces at any time. This is why these forces and the Iraqis should take this advantage and hit strongly before the terrorists find a new foot somewhere else. This is what the terrorists tried to do in Mosel but they failed. Most likely they chose to go dormant until they gather themselves. The raid on Latifyiah today is a good decision and it should be completed to dismantle the networks before destroying its elements one by one.

In summary Falluja was the key for the moving cascade but the next and not less important key is Latifyiah and Yosifyiah. The operation is just started now and more to come. In the next few days we may see more secret sites and tells from these areas.

We awaited so long to see the Trial of Saddam Hussein and his regime! Is it going to be within the next 6 weeks?! We hope so!

If Omar Hadied is criminal according to Hazem Shalan the Iraqi Minister of Defence, why not asking the Interpol to arrest him?!

OH appeared recently in Al Jazeera TV and IMoD said that he was the link between this TV and the terrorists as well as a link with other organization and killed many innocent lives. His brother was a link with Qaeda and Saddam regime.

The Interpol is for all the criminals outside; Mr Shalan!! Use it! Issue a request for their arrest! If you got the evidence not only for OH but all the escaped criminals.

Who should compensate for killed victims?

The families of Margaret Hassan, K Begley, and all the other foreign victims from Iraq, Japan, Turkey, Italy, USA, UK, who were killed by the terrorists should form a panel like the one set out after the PAN AM Lockerby disaster.

We suggest that this panel should be extended to include the victims of the 11 Sep 2001 and any other victims of the terrorist's attacks including a register for any new victims especially among the Iraqi ING and Police.

The aim is to get compensations from the states which propagate or allow terrorism from its lands. Immediate calls for compensation and to put in trials should go for those who produce the Fatwa's calling for killing of the innocent civilians. This should include the 26 Saudi clergies who supported directly and openly the terrorists as well as Sheikh Khardhawi of Qatar. All of these are freely and openly practicing in the above countries.

The action should include others who call or support terrorism like the media and money collecting and supporting organisations.

The other aim of such panel is to call for considering the Wahabism as a terrorist group and teaching which should be banned in every state. The teaching of Wahabism calls for hate and death for all those who are not in its boat.

Evidence of Link Between Trio S, Q & J!

Unconfirmed news that the Wahabi terrorists beheaded two ING in front of the worshipers in one of the Sunniah Mosques in Mosel! Curse be up on the Wahabism!

Terrorists in Mosel again, burned the polling cards in one of the big stores there.

Omar Hadied is one of important deputies for Zarqawi who led the war in Falluja. He was a member of the Saddam special guards before going to join Usama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. His brother was the chairman of the Al Jazeera TV station in Baghdad before its closure! Interesting isn't it?! A connection between Saddam and Qaeda is found! More than that the relation between Qaeda, Saddam and Al Jazeera, do we need evidence?!

The Wrath Brigade is a new secret army but this is an anti-terrorist army announced its birth to protect the Shia from the atrocities of the Wahabis/Salaffis/Zarqawis terrorists especially in Yosfiyah and Latyifyiah. Are we going to see counter act operation for these new groups in the next few days in the above areas?! We said before that if the government stay weak and silent about the triangle of death the Shia have to do what it should protect themselves. It is good as far as there are no Iranian or other hands in it. The government have to do what bring this triangle under control by the only language the criminals know before more groups emerged.

More secrets from Falluja!

Alfred Hitchcock is needed for Falluja!

Important information about Zarqawi has been found in Falluja. Some are letters and plans by this terrorist for his followers found in a site believed to be used by him. At least 9 bodies have been found in that safe site.

There are some news (unconfirmed) that the British Black Watch after the above information and other information arrested an important member close to Zarqawi South Baghdad in a luxury villa with members of his group.

The female body found in Falluja was most likely Margaret Hassan.

The Jayish Insar Al Sunnah threatened to attack the polling station in Iraq.

Among the killed Mujahdeen in Falluja were some French's probably from North African origin.

More than 25 bodies have been found in Falluja after the have been killed by the terrorists. Some are limbless which indicates various type of torture been used before killing them.

One of the kidnapped victims who were lucky to be freed by the US forces in Falluja told that his captives were Syrian terrorists! Escaped Fallujan told in Baghdad that the terrorists were Arab especially from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, Sudan and Yemen. Large ammunitions and arms from Jordan and China has been found!

Several rooms used for torture or beheading have been discovered in ordinary houses in poor residential areas. Some rooms contain cells like the one shown Ken Begley in it. One hostage from rich family in Baghdad has been locked in a dirty toilet. Also found studios for making and producing films! One of the rooms called the (slaughter house) was probably used for beheading of many victims.
Some of these sites have been shown to the media including France Press few hours after discovered.

Information indicates that some of the terrorist cells are now went dormant trying to re-arrange itself especially in Musel. Certainly in Falluja they will go back if they got the opportunity.

Now most of the people would like to see documentary films about these atrocities and sites!


Margaret Hassan CARE humanitarian organisation has been killed by a shot on her head. Our condolences and sympathy are to her husband in Baghdad and family in Dublin.

At least 18 bodies have been found in Al Latyifyiah (South Baghdad) in an abandoned area. The decomposed bodies belong to the National Iraqi Guards and some of them are still in their uniform. Some were without heads and others killed by shooting.

The US solider who killed the injured person in Falluja mosques should not have been done so because that person may have been a good source for more information and above all it is against the Geneva Convention. We feel sorry for that and the US forces opened investigation in this matter.

The Kuwaiti Al Siyasa (The Politic) newspaper stated that some terrorists Kuwaitis contacted their families from Iraq after they escaped Falluja and confirmed that they will continue to fight in Mosul and other areas until death or victory.

The Jordanian from Palestinian origin terrorists Fadhel Nazal Al Khalyilah described Sayid Ali Sistani as the (Imam) leader of the Infidels and atheist. The Wahabi/Salafi groups consider the Shia as infidels and call them as Rafedha (the deniers) in a reference to their denial to the leadership of Abo Baker, Omar and Othman after the death of the Prophet. According to the Wahabi doctrine any one who visit a shrine or build a shrine on a grave as infidel even if he believes in one God.
Zarqawi in his tape said that the victory is very close just an hour of patience!

More secrets to be revealed!

The leader of the terrorists group which call itself (Jayish Mohammad) has been captured in Falluja. This terrorists group was responsible for many kidnapping, killing, bombing and video shows. Many members of the same group and other terrorist group have been captured.
Iyad Alawi told Al Arabyiah TV that the pictures of these terrorists and part of their confession and names will be released soon. Sooner after their captures they confessed about their networks inside and outside Iraq. These networks have multiple heads inside and out side Iraq in the neighbouring countries. The confessions may indicate direct and dangerous involvement of the neighbouring countries.

Some of the Falluja people expressed their views about the terrorists after they were certain that these thugs will never return again.

The black retarded mind of the terrorists implemented a rule similar to that of Talaban as indicated by the much evidence which discovered in Falluja.

In Ramadi and Mosel the Iraqi police controlled with the help of the residents these cities though still heavy fighting outbreaks in some areas especially in Baquba.

Latyifyiah death triangle is the next to be cleared according to the Iraqi Minister of Defence. This hopefully will be soon.

It is very interesting to notice that kidnapping, beheading, suicidal bombs and alike significantly decreased since Falluja freed from the terrorists. The problem is Al Jazeera TV lost its masked customers! We suggest for them to fake a video in the next few days about beheading of a wild dog kidnapped by the terrorists. The terrorists demanded that if the wild dogs not withdraw from Falluja they will kill the kidnapped dog who was arrested helping the occupied forces.

Founds in Falluja!

Our hearts is with the innocent people of Falluja who were exposed to a lot of pressure and hardship from the anomalous and pervert insurgents.

Until now horrible atrocities have been found in Falluja by the outlawed outsiders and their supporters. Examples of the atrocities are:

1. Thousands of Arabs from different countries have been killed or captured. Some were from Iran, Chechnya, Afghanistan and other countries.

2. Several sites for beheadings tortures and videoing
3. Captured victims with miserable states
4. Mutilated bodies and one of them was a limbless body for a western woman whose throat was cut, face was disfigured and her limbs were amputated!
5. Large amounts of weapons and using worship places for that.
6. Lists of those who were kidnapped and beheaded and other lists of names of targeted people
7. Some documents related to the previous beheaded hostages like the Passport of the Japanese S Kudo who was beheaded few weeks ago!

More secret will certainly be revealed soon.

It looks that the new strategy is not to allow the insurgents to regroup in another city and to get them before they can catch the breath.

In Ramadi the Iraqi/Coalition forces refused to give a truce and entered the city with tanks and armoured vehicles while in Baji the insurgents' positions are under continuous air and ground bombardments.

One of the most dangerous areas which is called the triangle of death is still to be managed! This is south of Baghdad in Yosfyiah, Mahmodyiah and Latyfiyah where many people (Iraqis and non-Iraqis) killed daily by the insurgent groups there.

Chambers of Horror!

The terrorists retreated into a pocket south of Falluja. It looks that they are fighting until death about important targets. It is not an unlikely that one of these targets is Zarqawi though much news indicated that he escaped.

More than 600 insurgents were killed and their bodies remained in the roads with many strayed dogs. Some may have been killed by their fellows when they tried to surrender or escaped.

Many torture and beheading secret sites have been found and some hostages were freed by the Iraqi/US forces including the driver of the two French journalists.

The people in Mosel, Ramadi and other areas begin to refuse to give safe heaven for the insurgents due to the fear of similar fate may happen in their cities.

The Biesh Marga (Iraqi Kurdish Army) taught the terrorists a lesson they will never forget after they attacked the Kurdish party HQ in Mosel. The BM attacked back and killed many of the terrorists and injured others. Then they followed those who escaped into the streets of the residential areas. There the BM killed some and captured others.
One of the reasons why the Iraqi Police can't confront the terrorists because their armament is much less than the terrorists while the BM is well armed.

The best thing to do now is for the Iraqi government is to arm the Iraqi Police with heavy armoured vehicles, RPGs, and even tanks in front of their stations.

More update will come from the secret sites and the chambers of horror in Falluja.

Another Resistance Attack!

The heroes who like to liberate Iraq from the occupied forces attacked today another base for the occupiers!

The base was a shopping centre and civilian cars in Alnasr Sqauare in Baghdad. They killed many children occupied the cars of their parents and Iraqi civilians tried to occupy their shopping for the Eid. Many of these occupiers burned inside their cars.

The area chosen by the Mujahdeen was an important target for the resistance because it is crowded with shoppers and time was excellent to large number of the Iraqis.

This is not the first heroic attack but the braves have attacked several bases before like schools occupied by Iraqi children, hospitals occupied by Iraqi patients, cars used to transfer Iraqis from Baghdad to visit their relatives in the south, Mosques and Churches occupied by Iraqi worshipers and police station used to protect the occupants against the criminals (the heroes)!

This time the tactic was suicidal attack by a martyr who is in hurry to go to paradise however more brave attacks have been used. One time the hero Mujahdeen used a body of baby rapped with clothes by filling his abdomen with explosives and leaving him in a hospital waiting area.

More than that the Mujahdeen are highly naturalists! They don't like the noises of the high tech and electricity so they attack the power station which is noisy! They like the pure spring water so they attack the water stations! They know that the major problem of this region is the Oil, so they would like to turn Iraq oil-less country by attacking oil pipelines and refineries. This is a good way to liberate it from the occupiers who will go back when the oil is over!

One more idea for them is to try to invent an alternative energy than the oil but should be cheaper and readily available. By this way they can ensure that the region will be only occupied by the nature loving nomads and camels' inhabitant desert but not Iraq!

The Insurgents fled to other cities

One of the most dangerous things now is to relax after Falluja especially about the spread of the terrorists to Mosel, Ramadi, Baquba, and South of Baghdad.

More than 40 of them have been anticipated and captured in Kut in their way to flee to Iran or Kuwait. Some may have been successful to get into Baquaba, Ramdi and certainly Mosel.

Mosel witnessed over the last few weeks influx from Falluja and from outside borders from Syria. The leaders of these groups may have been taken Mosel as their last safe heaven before escaping into Syria or the mountains in the north.

Pre-emptive strikes are very important to prevent Mosel becoming Another Falluja.

Several bodies of masked killed insurgents have been left in the street of Mosel tonight after fighting between the insurgents and the Iraqi Police supported by the multi-national forces. The insurgents fled the area and left behind several dead with black uniforms which is used before by Fadaii Saddam.

On another development, the Iraqi Forces entered Falluja found the houses of tortures which were used for beheading in the city with hundreds of CDs, uniforms used in the previous videos of beheading and list of names of those who were killed or kidnapped.

The Iraqi governemtn should take preventative measure to keep the security of the civilians intact. One of these steps is to appoint Military Rulers for the unstable areas to protect the Iraqi civilians and their belongings from similar fate like Falluja. This is very important and first to start with Mosel, Latyifyiah, Ramadi, Yosfyiah, Baquba, and Mahmodyiah or any other unstable region. The rule should be for the Iraqi army until the situation get better and the civilians feel safer to take steps against the criminals.

Al Yarmouk Hospital Attacked!

AlYarmouk Causality Department (ER) is one of the busiest hospitals in Baghdad.
It is attended by many poor and middle class people and the local population.

Following the Fatwa of the 26 Saudi ignorant and illiterate thugs last week the terrorist attacks increased on civilians and service sites every where in Iraq. One of the targets following that Fatwa is the ER department of the Al Yarmouk Hospital.

While the medical staffs were busy treating the injured civilians from the attack on two ancient Churches (Saint Mathew and Saint George Churches) in Baghdad a thug who responding to the devils' fatwa commit a suicidal car attack in the ER department!
The attack resulted in killing some of the hospital staffs, patients, and bypassed civilians turning their bodies into pieces. Part of the ER was damaged leading to transferring the patients and injured to other hospitals.

The car which was used to do this devilish act was stolen police car.

Can any animal in this planet agree with such acts as resistance? The answer is no because the animals are kinder creatures than some of the sub-animals and sub-devilish human being.

Here are some other actions of the thugs that the ignorant fools and low self-esteem dirty cockroaches describe them as resistance to liberate Iraq!:

-Attacking hospitals
-Attacking mosques like what happened to Imam Ali shrine and in Karbala
-Bombing Churches
-Killing Christians, Yazidis, Sabbians, and other Iraqi non-Muslims
-Killing the Iraqi Muslims especially Shias
-Kidnapping & killing workers in humanitarians organisation like for children
-Destroying the Iraqi wealth like the oil pipelines, power and water stations
-Kidnapping & killing hospital doctors, and university lecturers
-Imposing their mentally retarded way of thinking on the people
-Killing the visitors of the shrine of Imam Hussein
-Terrorising women and children

These people and any one support them have nothing to do with Islam and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) will definitely disown them if he is with us now and he will do so on the Day of Judgment. Their predecessors killed and beheaded his son Hussein!
He taught them before the principles of war is not to attack civilian, not to pull down a Church or a chapel or any other worship places, not to frighten a woman or a child or an elderly, not to damage or destroy a tree, to leave the farmer in his farm and the worker at his work, to treat the wounded and take care of them even if they are from the enemy, to treat the POW humanely and feed them from your food, and so on and so forth!

So, where are these thugs from Prophet Mohammad who when did the dialogue with the Christians of Najran handed them his Mosque to perform their Sunday prayer in it? Where are these thugs from Imam Ali who prayed in a Church and asked his follower to leave it for its own people and not touch it by any harm?

These people are wounded by a slander from and possessed by the devil and when he pushed them to commit their crimes he exonerate himself from it just prior to its final execution.

As it was described by the Holly Quran:

And when Satan made their deeds seem fair to them and said: No one of mankind can conquer you this day, for I am your protector. But when the armies came in sight of one another, he took Sight, saying: Lo! I am guiltless of you. Lo! I see that which ye see not. Lo! I fear Allah. And Allah is severe in punishmen (Quran: 8; 48)

whosoever killeth a human being for other than man slaughter or corruption in the earth , it shall be as if be had killed all mankind , and whoso saveth the life of one , it shall be as if he had : saved the life of all mankind . Our messengers came unto them of old with clear proofs (of Allah's sovereignty), but afterwards lo! Many of them became prodigals in the earth. (Quran: 5; 32)

On the other hand there should be no one taken by the deed of another person at all irrespective of the relation between them as we are seeing of kidnapping and killing relatives of other people to put pressure on them yet the victims have nothing to do with that. The Holy Quran said in this:

Each soul earneth only on its own account, nor doth any laden bear another's load. Then unto your Lord is your return and He will tell you that wherein ye differed (Quran: 6; 164)

Breaking News!

Three members of Iyad Alawi's (Interim Prime minster of Iraq) family have been kidnapped according to sources in Iraq.

First cousins of IA, a cousin of his wife and another relative have been seized in their home in Baghdad and taken out be armed men.

We said before this government is redundant against terrorists and more strict measures need to be taken.

More details later!

Alert: Falluja!

The Iraqi government has appointed the General Abdul Kader Mohan the Leader of the Iraqi Special Forces which entered Falluja yesterday as the Interim Ruler of the city.

The fighting was much less than expected especially after the midday today.

Some Arab insurgents have been captured and others appeared to be ready to surrender. Many others have escaped to Ramadi and other areas in the last few weeks.

Australia and Japan supported the battle to free Falluja from Arab terrorists.

On the same time today a thousands of people in Najaf escorted the 12 innocent Shia civilians to their final resting place near Imam Ali (PBUH) shrine. These Iraqi civilians were killed in Latyifyiah (Falluja like area in the South of Baghdad) by insurgents while making their way from Baghdad to Najaf. The bodies of 12 Iraqi civilians were found after investigations near that area.

Arafat Died!

Declaration of the death of Arafat has been postponed until tomorrow (according to Al-Arbyiah TV).

This is to arrange power control and to avoid power struggle which may lead to fighting between different factions.

The other issue of struggle is the bank accounts of Arafat which is clamed by Soha as personal money while the Palestinian authorities' clamed that it is official money.

There are meetings going on now between the Palestinian authorities and the Israeli side about his burial site. Most likely tomorrow the body of Arafat will be moved back.

Street Fighting in Falluja

The Iraqi Army units supported by the US forces are pushing forwards towards the city centre of Falluja.

Heavy bombardments on the sites of the insurgents continued overnight and this morning.

Residents who managed to escape earlier mentioned very important developments. The terrorists forced some of the residents of Falluja to give their houses and other properties to the insurgents. The other important thing is the use of the residents as a human shield but some insurgents escaped to other areas.

The insurgent fighting is becoming weaker while the US/Iraqi forces are a mile away from the centre. There are important targets that the insurgents may defend them fiercely.

The major insult has yet to come!

By this time many families from the Arab countries which send insurgents to Falluja watch the fate of their sons while following the news from there!

Suicidal Bombs and fighting in Baquba

In Baquba at least 35 Iraqi Police and civilians have been killed by attacks on police stations. Insurgents in Bohroz in Diyala attacked the police station there and controlled it initially then fighting broken out resulted in many innocent dead.

Fighting also has broken out in several areas between insurgents and the police in Baquba.

In Baghdad an attack on a church in Al-Dora resulted in damaging the church and some causalities.

A Threat from Australian Arab Muslim!

I received an email from an Arab Muslims in the name of Kareema ( which is a female name but also we got other details which we will hold from publication now. The email is full with abuses indicates how dirty is the sender! It is also threatening to kill me and full with support to the terrorists.

Here is some of its dirty contains which could not come from but dirty unclean cockroaches terrorists who abuse the freedom offered to him/her from Australia:

It is idiots like you that really make me sick. Do you often get told by the Americans to bend over and get ready for Bush to have his way with you.

What makes me really angry is that I live in Australia, yet I understand fully why the Iraqi people are fighting this illegal occupation, whilst dogs such as yourself will do anything to appease your masters. Do you not feel any sympathy for the 100,000+ Iraqis who have died from American bombs?

Oh, oh I get it now. I have just figured out why you are such a coward and why you post these traitorous blogs of yours. You know that you have no chance in hell of surviving if the Americans are not there to protect you cowardly ass, so you try in vain to do your part and try to influence others to think the way that the Americans want them to, in the hope that if you are able to convince some, then your life will be less in danger.

But I have news for you, your killing will reap so much rewards on the one who carries it out, that that person will be almost assured a spot in heaven while you burn in hell for eternity. Yes as you slowly burn and scream in hell, the person that kills you will enjoy eternity in heaven and would not even piss on you to put out the flames of hell, because you would be a waste of piss, you worthless piece of dog shit

I pray day and night to see your limp dead body hanging from a light post somewhere in Iraq, I will promise that I will throw a huge party if I got to see that sight.

As long as there is traitorous idiots like you infecting Iraq and the Arab world, then we have lots of struggles to overcome.

My advice to you dumb idiot, is to open you damn eyes and see just how murderous the Americans are, see just how traitorous you have been and change your ways, you still have time to enter heaven, but that will never happen until you stop supporting the Zionist Jews and help you Iraqi brothers to liberate their lands from the American occupiers.

I got full information about the sender including the number of his/her registered computer in the internet and her address in Australia.

Any harm happened to me that addressed person will be responsible for part.

The Western government like Australia is responsible to prevent such people and to hold them responsible for their threat. Such people are enjoying the freedom in these countries yet they hide inside themselves hate, terrors and racism. Of course not all of them but minority which affect the majority therefore an action should be taken against these people after identifying them. They are not less than charged with terrors threat against others because they don't agree with them.

I got the full information and ready to give it to the Australian authorities of they like. Therefore this Alert is also directed to these authorities to tell them to prevent people living on their land from threatening and abusing others.

This is also an Alert for the Australian anti-terrorists authorities to deal with it!

Alert: The Battle to Free falluja started!

Iyad Alawi has just given the go a head to liberate Falluja from the hands of the terrorists.

Heavy bombardments is going on now on the bases of the terrorists. Some news indicates that some of them killed in attack on their bases in a hospital among whom are many Moroccans and other Arabs.

There are about 2000 to 5000 Arab terrorists from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Morocco, Sudan, Somalia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestinians, Tunisia, and other nationalities like Afghanis.

All the Fallujan civilians are now outside the city mostly in a camp in the area of Habanyiah Lake. They are desperately waiting for the crushing of the terrorists and return back.

The Police Brigade of Falluja has been dissolved and among them who were collaborating with the terrorists should be tried.

The whole world is watching to forcefully crush these cockroaches that killed and kidnapped a lot of innocent lifes and if left alone will destroy beyond borders.

State of Emergency Declared!

It is too late but at least now!

The most important thing now is for the Iraqi people to help the police and other forces to capture all the terrorists or kill them. Without the help of the people the job is difficult even with Emergency state.

Things the government need to do:

-Close the borders
-Put the outlawed areas under the control by force
-Extensive op for the terrorists, & criminals of all kind. Put them to Justice
-Zero tolerance to all crimes
-Show them in the TV to confess about their supporters
-Declare, no future economic relation with states support terrorists
-Put Saddam & his criminals to justice soon
-Death penalty in the same way (beheading) to those who behead people
-Start reconstruction and rebuilding the quite areas
-No reconstruction in the trouble areas until they prove to be good citizens
-Punish any one who carry or possess Saddam's pictures or books
-Those who works for poisonous media should be punished like Al Jazeera
-Any Iraqi who has information about terrorists & keep silent put to justice
-All Arabs and foreigners should be under strict secret observation
-Hi tech spy equipments should be used including tapping when needed
-When op needed don't declare it like Falluja! Go for it sudden & by surprise
-Troubled areas need acts and not action
-Don't forget Izat Al-Dori. He is dangerous!
-Aim to capture Zarqawi and try him in Abstention now!

Falluja Terrorists & Saudi Arabia Wahabists

A statement signed by 26 Clergy Wahabist from KSA Yesterday called the Iraqis to support the terrorists and to avoid intimidating or reporting them to the authorities.

These thugs (the 26) who were graduated from the University of Terror called the terrorists as resistance. Their alike in Jordan called for help to the Mujahdeen in Falluja Yesterday as well!

There is no question that the Saudi authorities are lying when they said that they are going to end terrorism in their land which is the main incubator for that. They are also relaxed on the issue of interfering with Iraqi internal affairs. Indeed they are now openly encouraging the terrorists and those who help them in Iraq. Now when they realised that the entry of the US and Iraqi forces to the main-hold of the terrorists they produced the above statements.

They know when the forces go in; they will capture many Saudis which may lead to uncovering many secrets, like the sources of money supplying the terrorists and their networks inside the Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen, Syria and others.

Those who signed the statement are very well know to the Saudi authorities like Sheikhs Ahmad Khedheri (Teacher in Imam Mohammad Bin Saud University, Ahmad Abd El Latef, Sefr Al Hawali (Teachers in Um Al Qura University in Makkah), and Salman Fahd Al Ouda (Chairman of Islam Today)!

It would be better for these 26 (illiterates) to issue a Fatwa to stop atrocities against the Saudi Shias and to stop treating them as second class citizens and to join them in the government systems and jobs. They better issued a fatwa to support the rights of the immigrants who work in Saudi Arabia who are treated by them including these 26 (illiterates) as sub-human beings. It may be better for them to issue a fatwa to condemn the killing of children by their graduates everywhere in the world.

The question is; is it not the Saudi authorities who are responsible to stop these well know teachers in their universities to issue such statements unless they are supporting them?! We know there is no freedom in Saudi Arabia and the authorities can prevent any one from issuing statements supporting terrorism, so why they allowed these 26?!

Many questions will be answered when Falluja freed from the terrorists! Even the answer of the WMD may be found there or at least its documents!
This will not take long time but looks imminent!

Civil War may start soon!

Another Fifteen Iraqi Shia belong to the Iraqi National Gaurds (all of them from Najaf) have been kidnapped and killed in Al-Latifyiah south of Baghdad. They were in a leave back to their families. The killers left the driver to give him aletter for the families of the victims. The letter asks the families to pay money in return of giving them the bodies of their sons!

About 500 Iraqi Shite families have been forced to leave their homes in Al-Latifyiah, Al-Yosifyiah and Al-Mahmodiyiah (the devil triangle) over the last two years.

Too many Shites killed in the main road in their way from or to Baghdad from the south. The last killing 2 days ago was doctors going from Najaf to Baghdad to attend a scientific conference among them Dr Mohammad Sayid Hammami a well know Paediatrician in Najaf. They were killed in Al-Latifyiah.

More recently anti-Shite slogans have been written extensively on the walls and doors of these areas. Some of these slogans are threats to exterminate Shite in Hila (Babile).

With the weak position of the government against these outlawed the situation is heading towards civil war because the people in the south will not keep silent and will soon take the law in their hands to exterminate the outlawed.

Alert; Falluja!

Falluja is nearly empty from civilians a part from the terrorists! Several intelligent information detected communications between terrorists' bases in Jordan and Syria with the terrorists in Falluja to try to secure more than one exit for the big heads from the area. There is news about arranging exits via Syria with the help of Syrian security systems. Yesterday the US forces closed the two crossing points with Syria but there are long borders and they know from where to pass.

We pointed out to that before that the terrorists miscalculated the balance of power. They are fool to forget the might of the air as well as the ground military power they face. The big heads now plan for an exit by putting the tiny heads in the fire to allow them to pass. They shout for help from their fellows across the border.

Are they going to be able to escape? It is very doubtful!

It is very interesting that last year when Falluja was surrounded the car bombs and suicidal attacks stopped and the same thing happening now!

Not surprising, Kofi Anan is not happy about the liberation of Falluja from the hands of the terrorists! We have to mention that KA son and some of his staff were involved in the bribes of oil for food programme.

Falluja this time will be free from terrorists and when the forces enter they will have no obligation to leave but to stay inside!

Killing of 10 Iraqi Shias

Few days ago the terrorist group Insar Al Sunnah released the video of beheading one Iraqi National Guard and shooting of other nines among the Shia in the triangle of the Devil Al Latyfiyah south of Baghdad.

The video contains extremely sever barbaric distressful scenes more than the previous beheadings for which we abstain from showing it here!

Again and very important is that the voice of the thug who read the devil statement is none Iraqi accent.

France & the UN continue to destroy the Iraqi people

France called for the masked men and those who beheading people to join a national conference about Iraq in Egypt and Paris.

About the conference in Egypt it should concentrate only on two main issues, the rebuilding of Iraq and helping to end and bring the terrorists for justice. No terrorists allowed to join.

About the call of Jack Chirac (Saddam's friend) to allow the masked men (he calls them the resistance!) we would like to give him the most recent video about the evil action of these groups! (The video is about today's beheading of an Iraqi ING officer by Insar Al-Sunnah that France considers them resistance!). The video is linked in Sot Al Iraq site. It contains distressful pictures, click here if you would like to see it..

By the way Jack Chirac returned earlier from the European summit today to avoid to met Iayad Alawi!

On the other hand the new Sheikh of UAE after the death of his father Zaid Al Niehayian was much less hospitable with Ghazi Al Yawer (Interim Iraq President) than with all the other Arab Presidents like the Syrian, the Jordanian, the Yemeni etc, as it was so evident from the live show of the consolation in one of the huge palaces of this family!

Congratulations for GWB!

In our last article and most simple questioner about the US election about 75% of the commentators in this site voted for GWB. Ultimately he won though not by 75% but we may say by majority (including Ohio) especially compared to 2000 election!

JK conceded after he was completely certain that no more hope otherwise he may have been walked the extra mile.

Now; the terrorists are unable to celebrate!

Watching few channels last night and today it appeared that news networks and TVs playing the music of the party they support. CNN, BBC, and others appeared blue. ITV(UK), Fox news and their alike were GWB supporters!
Aljazeera (although don't like to watch it) killed itself for JK to win not because they like him but because they don't like GWB! We don't know how the others cover this interesting race to the white house and the oval office!

In Iraq we expect to crush and end all terrorists, get real democracy and freedom, reconstruct Iraq to a strong economy and be partner with the USA towards stable and safe region and world.

Lastly I would like to put a simple question for you to comment if you would like please;

do you think this site influenced or changed you to vote for GWB or JK? Please answer if you would like and you may not need to put your name!


Three Iraqi National Guards beheaded by a terrorists group called itself (Ishraf Al-Iraq) according to Al-Jazeera (a TV from Qatar usually broadcast videos & statements for the terrorists). Their bodies have been found later on without heads in Baghdad.

Another ING beheaded in Mosel by (Insar Sunnah) earlier today.

Abu Musaab Zarqawi group (Qaeda!) broadcasted a video that showed the beheading of the Japanese SK today. If you wish to see the video which is linked in Sot Al Iraq site click here.
At the end of the video the terrorists singing a chant saying (I am terrorist for seek of my religion to terrorise the enmies of the religion and that is their fate!). The accent of the one who read the statement and the chant is certainly not Iraqi accent but belong to Arabs.

American Election: GWB or JK?!

A lot of have been said about the USA election this time!

At least many said that, it is the most important election in the US history!

Few hours to go for the number 44 president in the White House!

Who you may think will be the winner?

If you wish to comment about this and its relation to terrorism, Iraq, ME and even US internal affairs, please do!

As the next few hours decisive your comment may change to some extent that may even be decisive.

You may announce results soon as it comes here!

More kidnapping

Four foreigners have been kidnapped today from their Baghdad's office in Al-Mansor area. They are one American, one Nepalese, and two Arabs. The attackers used hand grenades and guns. One of the attackers was killed and sent to Hell and the worst fate.

Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia

Abd Al-Rahman Yazji the lead person in Saudi Qaeda nets announce in the Sot Al-Jihad Journal that the Qaeda network in Saudi Arabia is very strong and working to defeat the infidels and their supporters.

Yazji is the successor leader of Qaeda in KSA after the killing of Muqren few months ago in there. Yazji trained before in Kashmir, Afghanistan and KSA. His announcement contradicts the Saudi government declaration that it destroyed these networks.

Trial of Arab Terrorists in Baghdad

More than 100 Arab terrorists will soon face justice according to the Iraqi law. In the next few days they are going to be shown by a TV film according to an official Iraqi spokesman with Al-Arabyiah TV.

They should face the severest punishment if convicted with terrorists' acts.

Terrorists try to flee!

With imminenet major insult on the terrorists' strong holds in Ramadi and Falluja to put them for the first time under the government control some important terrorists already fleed to inside Syria and some went to the East in Diyala and Al-Latifyiah. They may go to Iran or Syria or Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
Iraqi tanks will enter these cities for the first time so soon.

More people left these areas for fear of fierce fighting but the balance of power will turn it into graveyard for the terrorists.

A Question if you would like to comment?!

Who do you support, GWB or JK and Why?

Who is wining & what is the percentage?

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