Another victim beheaded!

The body without head found near Tikrit was for the Japanese hostage Shosei Koda, 24 yrs. He was tied from his legs and wrapped with an American flag!

The Japanese government condemned the beheading and told that it will keep its troops in Iraq.

Our condolences and sympathy is with Koda's family.

Terrorists arrested

Iyad Alawi the interim PM of Iraq announced that the Iraqi authorities with the help of the multinational forces arrested 167 Arab terrorists and at least 3000 Baathists under the leadership of Izat Al-Dori (Abo Al-thalaj). These arrests include two of Abo-Althalaj deputies. It also includes 4 of the important members of the Jordanian/Palestinian terrorists Abu Mosab Zarqawi. The movement names of these terrorists are Abo Anis the Palestinian, Abo Mohammad from Lebanon, Abo Ahmed from Tabok in Saudi Arabia and Abo Omar from Egypt.

Mass Torture & executions by the Fascistic Regime

The video links below are nothing but a drop from the ocean of Saddam's terrorist's regime.

The following video shows one of the on going practices of mass execution under Saddam.

One day the expired son of Saddam (Udy) ordered a security Police Check point to prevent any other cars from passing through until they receive farther notice irrespective who they are!
Few minutes latter Udy's uncle Saddam's half brother from his mother (Watban Ibrahem) who is under US custody now who was the Interior Minister came to pass throw the same check point. The Police were in a difficult position because Udy will kill them if they don't deliver his order and Watban is a tyrant killer. They decided to follow Saddam's son and they stopped Watban convoy. He punished them by torturing then killing them as you can see him in the video.

Watban and Saddam's other family members used to go to prisons and detention camps and torture or execute detainees and prisoners by random selection. Qusay Saddam's youngest son used to go to Abu Ghareb prison and they gather prisoners for him in the main square. He then asked them randomly by saying from that man there to the end dismiss to your cells, then he and whoever with him among his relatives like son's of Kher-Allah Telfah his grandfather of his mother shot the rest. The second part of the video showed a mass torture by them.

The above are drop in the ocean of Saddam's crimes. The end of that regime was not only good for the millions of Iraqi victims but for all those who love freedom and peace.


The next few days before or during the US election or even just after the election the terrorists plan for a big attack with possible mass killing. It is likely that chemical plus conventional high explosives may be used. The after-math of the attack may take days to clear.

Al-Qaeda has already declared that the New York 11 Sep 2001 attacks will look like dwarfs beside the proposed attacks!

This is may be just a psychological war but it have to be taken seriously. Iraq, US, UK, Poland, Italy and US interests in Europe, Africa, ME and other places are likely targets.

The Americans have to know one point only which is; if GWB lose the election the terrorists will declare victory and their attacks will get worse and their cells will sneak every where by two major ways. First is by nuclear mushroom like spread in ME and Africa while the second spread will be octopus like spread with long arms inside Europe and US.

The terrorists fears GWB and will take a deep breath and expand if he is losing!

Sistani meets the Iraqi Christians

Leaders and priests from all the Churches of Iraq visited Sayid Ali Sistani in Najaf. Sistani stated clearly his support with the Christians Iraqi brothers against those who bombed their Churches. He also called them to join the election and all other Iraqis.

The Patriarch Emanuel III Dali stated after the meeting that the meeting was brotherly and we are all sons of one family. The Patriarch added that Sistani said he considers the Churches as holy as mosques to worship God and for peace and love and should be highly respected.

Others who attend the meeting in Najaf are Patriarch Georges, The Archbishop of Arman Orthodox Afacosodrian and The Archbishop of Surrealian Orthodox Surries Hawa.


Insar Al-Sunnah terrorists group which is part of Al-Qaeda/Zarqawi stated that it has killed 11 Iraqi National Guards near Al-Latiyfiyah area. They decapitated one and killed the others by shooting and showed their pictures on their website.

Another hostage woman from Poland kidnapped today by another terrorists group called itself (The Brigade of Abu Baker Al-Sidiek Al-Salafiyiah).
Poland bravely refused to bow to the terrorists. The video which showed the hostage was shown in the Terrorists TV Al-Jazeera.

Thirty terrorists from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and Syrians have been arrested in Doma in Syria before their departure to Iraq. Doma is a strong hold for Wahabis/Salafis groups in Syria.

Ramadi is outside the control of Baghdad government completely and the situation there is so serious! It may cause chaos in the nearby areas if nothing done about Falluja/Ramadi region to put them under the central government control.

Terrorists group linked to Qaeda stated that it holds 400 tons of the highly explosive materials confiscated from Qaqqaa institutes with the help of the US soldiers after the fall of the regime 2003. It said that it will use them against the US forces.

Is Jordan Responsible for the Terrorists Activities?

The terrorists group of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi kidnapped a Japanese citizen Shosei Koda, 24 yrs old today in Iraq. Zarqawi is a Palestinian Jordanian Sunni-Wahabi-Salaffi belongs to Al-Qaeda terrorist's organisation.

The PM of Japan Mr Junichiro Koizumi position by rejecting any concession to the terrorists and refusing to bow to pull out troops right from the beginning is a heroic position. Mr Koizumi said; "I cannot allow terrorism and cannot bow to terrorism,".

Japan foreign minister Nobutaka Machimura said: "Japan is Iraq’s friend and the entire Japanese nation demands the immediate release of Mr Koda."

We hope that the Japanese government now to declare that they are going to send more troops and special help in forms of forces or equipments or detectives to hunt the terrorists and kill them.

The most important point in Koda case is that he was working in Jordan two weeks ago and he came one ago to Iraq. This is a very strong indication without any doubt at all that the Jordanian Zarqawi got a strong network link of spies in Jordan who send quick reports and coded information about foreigners travelling to Iraq. The same groups provide money and men trafficking from Jordan to Iraq. The sources of this money are from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and other Arab states.

The Japanese government and the international community should now hold the Jordanian government responsible for not doing enough to prevent such activities which help terrorists in their evil acts.

Massacre in North Baghdad

Forty nine Iraqi national guards from the Shia southern cities Amara and Kut returned from a military training in Karakosh in the north have been shot dead between Baldrose and Badra in Diyala.

They finished a 3 weeks training and returned to Baghdad. Just after Baldrose (Sunni dominated area) which is part of Diyala their car have been stopped by gun men disguised as Iraqi police in a false check point. The terrorists asked them to get into 5 groups; and lay down on their faces. They then immediately shot them and escaped.

The bodies of the victims have been discovered later.

This is another indication of spies for the terrorists inside the police and army forces. An operation like this requires a lot of logistic preparation and planning to be executed.

The problem is the presence of a weak government with redundant law in a country passing throw extremely serious situation.
In a matter like this during such time the law should be eye to eye, tooth to tooth and wound to wound! The killer should be captured and laid down on their faces the same way and shot to death. The punishment should be applied on all killers and those who support them in their crime.

Al-Qaeda Fi Bilad Al-Rafideen!

This is the new name for Tawhid wa Jihad terrorists organisation of the Jordanian from Palestinian origin Abu Musab Zarqawi (Fadhil Nazial Al-Khalayilah). The last declared his allegiance to Usama Bin Laden few days ago.

This is not going to change things because every one know the relationship between both but it proves the struggle of the last one after the hard strikes his group got recently. He called for money and men from the Arabs and Muslims to help him in Falluja. Abdallah Al-Janabi issued him a fatwa to get girls more than 9 years old ready to be given as wives for the in-coming Mujaheeden! This is to encourage jobless, street lost and criminals from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Jordan, and Lebanon to join them. Reports from Falluja indicate that Europeans from Arab origins joined them recently. One French citizen from Tunisian origin (Radhwan Hakeem 19 years old) had been killed recently in Falluja!

Zarqawi group talked about fierce fighting of the US troops in Falluja. On the same time reports indicates that the ordinary Fallujans are ready to hand out these terrorists or kill them as soon as they got the support close to them.

Iran asks for compensations!

Iran asked the International Bank for Iraq to give her compensations for the (Khomeini-Saddam war). They asked for about 98 milliards dollars!

Iran should pay Iraq 10 times this figure plus the money of the smuggled oil during the 12 years sanction and should be brought for an international justice due to their role to break out the UN resolutions for the benefit of the dictator only. They should also be judge for their role in providing support to Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Another bloody day in Iraq!

At least 20 Iraqi civilians have been killed by several attacks including suicidal bombs in Baghdad and other areas. One of these attacks was against the solicitor's union in Baghdad.

As usual, Al-Qaeda branch of Abu Musaab Al-Zarqawi Tawhed Wa Al-Jihad is responsible.

Many planed attacks may have been aborted including the use of chemical attacks in or outside Iraq though high threat is still hanging.

Escaping Falluja!

Some who escaped Falluja recently talked about the hell in there! This hell is not because of the fighting alone but because of the behaviours of the extremists. One escaped Fallujan told that Abdullah Al-Janabi (one of the Clergies) issued a fatwa asking all the families who have daughters older than 9 years to give them to the Mujahdeen to marry them. This man got many daughters and he refused to give them.
The clergy explained in his fatwa that he fears that these children may be raped if the coalition forces entered the city! He is the same one who issued the killing of other victims before.

In a terrorists Qaeda web site they encouraged Arabs and Muslims to join the jihad in Falluja and to achieve a marriage to young Fallujan women or martyrdom which leads to paradise!

Earlier Zarqawi declared that he formed a unity with Al-Qaeda and he will liberate Iraq to form an Islamic Emirate from which he will liberate all the other Arab states!

A letter from an Irish Citizen

Below is a letter from an Irish citizen published by site.

Below is the Irish citizen letter:

Dear Sir Madam I want you to publish in you news paper. To the captors holding Margarett Hassan release her at once. By holding her you are declaring war on Ireland. She is not a British Citizen she is a Irish Citizen. Ireland have not been involved in your war and we have no troops in Iraq. If you do not release her and harm her, I for one along with this country will be asking the Irish Govermnent to send troops to Iraq to support the UK and the USA to hunt you down and bring you to justice. You have nothing to gain by holding her. So release our Irish Citizen if you do not there will be hell to pay and you will pay it. Margarett every one in Ireland is thinking about you and our prayers are with you.

kind regards

David Quinn Ireland

We suggested before that if a citizen of any country kidnapped the country concerned should provide all kind of supports to hunt the terrorists or kill them and to strangulate their means.

Another Iraqi Beheaded

Insar Al-Sunnah which is part of Zarqawi/Qaeda terrorist Wahabi group issued a video showing their beheading of an Iraqi young man today. The death excusion stated that he is working for the US forces in Mosel.

It appeared from the pictures that they tortured the man before his beheading. There is a blue mark around his neck which indicates an attempt of strangulation and other bruises and cuts over his face which indicates variable ways of tortures been used?


The terrorists may prepare for a big operation in the next 2 weeks before the US election. The aim is to direct the wind against GWB ship.

We know there is no one in Iraq safe from abduction at any time and any where. It may happen at one's doorstep or even at his work place. Same thing applied for killing and assassinations for no reason at all.

Margaret Hassan the 60 years old British humanitarian worker in CARE organisation is not the only one and not the last. Only time will tell who is next?! MH who worked in Iraq for 20 years and married to an Iraqi citizen abducted while in her way for work at 7.30 AM in Baghdad.

The terrorists and the media support them will intensify their operations in the next few days. They may plan to abduct a VIP person or even many. There operations may involve big attacks especially in Iraq. Probably many cells have been motivated including infiltrates in the police and other systems. The beheading of more than 9 Iraqi Police by Tawhed and Jihad Zarqawi group in the beginning of Ramadan is a good indication for that.

The aim is to make GWB to loss the election, however, any kind of big operation by terrorists may do the reverse and make the American people to vote for GWB who showed a firm stand against the terrorists. Even though, the more the situation remained unsecured and cities like Falluja are not under the control of the central government, the more attacks and kidnappings will occur. The latter will lead to anti-American mobilization in the region including Iraq.

Targeting Iraqi Churches & Hospitals!

Another bloody day is in Iraq today and as usual by the barbaric terrorists whose vision unable to go beyond their asses.

About 5 Churches have been targeted by different ways by the groups of the beheadings and kidnappings of Al-Zarqawi and his supporters among the Wahabis.

On the same time the same groups attacked by rockets Ibn Al-Baytar Hospital in Baghdad!

Today's attacks are nothing but indicate the failure of the terrorists and their dirty attitudes.

The same thugs killed the children in Baghdad, bombed Imam Ali Shrine, killed the pilgrimages to Karbala in 2003, and killed many innocents in the name of their God if they got God.

The Iraqis will stay hand in hand, Christians and Muslims and others as one unit. The terrorists will not succeed to divide us.

These terrorists are not even equal to the heels of the old shoes of the civilised Iraqi Christians.

News & Annotations

Tawhed Wa Jihad Zarqawi group carried out today's suicidal attack in the green zone against the US embassy. It is the first suicidal attack in the most secure area in Baghdad. The statement of this group said that lions from the Battalion of the Martyrdoms carried it out!

This is the first time we hear that lions carry out suicidal attack! Usually lions attack their preys and before eating them, they strangulate them until death before making them Kebab or hamburger for their breakfast. But even though the most modern lions take their children to Macdonald in the week ends for fish meals! Above all they don't kill their own species and they don't attack pretty women either!

Mr Ahmed Chalabi has been chosen by some Shia coalition parties as a candidate for the presidency seat next January.

We support him. He got good views for peace and stability in the region but he should speak loudly about his agenda.

The UK has frozen the accounts of Jihad Wa Tawhed group today!

Good afternoon Sir! It is too late! Do it well and froze it well and involve it all!

Japan government stated that it will strike off more than 95% of the Iraqi debit!

Iraq in return should give these friendly countries good share in its future economical and trade relation.
Hi; Arabs; especially the Gulf States; shame on you; the size of the Japan shoes is bigger than your height. Oh; may be because your heads are still in the sand of the Arabian Desert! We don't care because as far America told you to do it ultimately you will do it or ! Probably you are waiting for France to kneel first from its call to reduce the debit to 50% only.
But some thing important the UK reminds us about today! How much money the terrorists hold in France and under which names? Good question isn't it?!

Falluja rejected the Allawi the IPM of Iraq to give up Zarqawi and pulled from negotiation.

Good indication that Zaraqwi is there! If he is not, they would have not pulled out!
Before they return back the rockets from air and ground decided to put themselves off. One rocket told its friend do you know who is Zarqawi? He said; yes of course? So, why you don't get him? Well; because Allawi don't allow me to do so? Fuck off I will do it instead! Oh; take me with you; the second rocket said!

More than 1000 Iraqi demonstrated today in Karbala against terrorism and demanded the government to cut it for ever.

This is may be why the broadcasters in Al-Jazeera and other Arab TVs when mentioned Falluja strikes today they appeared so angry and their eyes were so red as if they were suffocated or just came out of a very hot Turkish Sauna!

Lastly the Amercian TVs and media also falsify their polls according which candidate they support. CNN put JK on the lead! CBS and ABC put GWB on the highway. These two people JK and GWB need a huge energy now. Both needs to sleep for one month after the election finished! The winner will sleep nicely and the loser needs a hospital intensive care admission for two weeks.


Reports from the West of Iraq indicates that the terrorists are retreating to the West and North West with a sudden appearance in Hiat region. The Fallujans are desperately waiting the Iraqi forces to liberate them and there are some information from inside Falluja about increasing open rejection to the Arab terrorists.

There is a major shift to support the Iraqi interim government to put an end to the terrorists in all areas and to put the power of law in effect.

Most important point is not to allow the terrorists to escape neither out nor to infiltrate other areas. The trick is to wait for them where they feel it is safe to go and once they are there take them by surprise and charge them.

On the same time two terrorists groups beheaded two Iraqi Intelligent Officers belongs to the new Iraqi forces and one Kurdi from the Kurdstan party.

They also tried to use a suicidal woman with explosives around herself to blow it inside Imam Ali Shrine. The Iraqi police arrested her just before going in to the shrine today. She is not from the Shite's areas.

A new mass grave has been excavated today with hundred of mutilated bodies of children, women and men.

Shia Iraqi Muslim beheaded

The terrorists group of Insar Al-Sunah (better to be known Insar Al-Satan) beheaded a clergy man from the Sadr Militia group. They claimed that he is working with the US forces to collect arms from the militia and support them.

The Role of Saudi Arabia in Iraq

In general Arabs role in Iraq is almost negative. It is centred on keeping the majority of population governed by the minority. Iraq is not a homogenous society of Arabs Sunni population only but it is a multicultural country formed from Arabs and non-Arabs. It is wrong to consider Iraq as a pure Arab state because of the large part which represented by Kurds, Turkmans, Persian, Armenians, Assyrians, and other native Iraqis from Summer and Babylon. The Sumerians (south Iraq) in fact are the grand fathers of Prophet Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Ishmael and Prophet Mohammad. Some elements of this society are ancient and it is quiet interestingly they kept many parts of their ancient life in their names, words, way of life especially the inhabitants of the south and the marshy areas. The Saudis are playing a dirty game to keep the volatile security situation in Iraq. Though not declared like Syria and Iran the Saudi role is to destabilise peace in Iraq and to fail the US plan there. They are not in favour of GWB though JK spoke about substitute for their oil but he gave no explanation how so as difficult to trust.

The Arab problem is based on keeping two things in Iraq. The first is to keep the power in the hands of the Sunni Arabs as it was always since the first Islamic state till now. During this time the others suffered a lot and prevented from expressing any form of freedom whether civil or religious. Shia and Kurds were always under sever scrutiny and hardship which ended with mass graves and ethnic cleansing. The second point is to keep the dictatorship governments as it is in the Arab world and so as same for Iraq based on the Palestine as the main issue around which centred the whole world. This is of course to suite the needs of the rulers and to use this matter not to solve the problem of Palestinians with the Israelis but to serve their stay in power as a hero of the Arab world yet they are unable to be a hero for a herd of sheep!

The Saudi-Wahabi alliance used to send its gangs across the border to kill the Shia and demolish their shrines and historic places. The Wahabis consider the Shia as infidels. This issue remained same until this moment as it is for the other faiths like Christians, Jewish and others. When we say remained same we means the Wahabis considers these as infidels who should be exterminated. This is where the idea of the terrorists including UBL comes from. The problem of the Saudis is that they can not clean their house from deeply routed Wahabi doctrine.

There is a Saudi blog which published an article written by Mai Yamani in the Guardian newspaper few weeks ago which gives a good view though the problem is much bigger and deeper. The Saudi never stopped interfering in the internal affairs of Iraq especially if the matter is related to the Shai.

The Saudi government instead of solving their problems with their Shai community especially in the oil rich region of the Eastern province and Madina they used every thing to keep the Shais in Iraq under the Sunni role. In the past they even misled the big powers and used their oil towards the same aim. Even recently and instead of concentrating to stop Wahabi terrorism they put pressure on Iraq to appoint prominent Sunni faces in its government. This is a fool idea indeed because if Iraq is heading towards democracy it should not consider ethnic or religious identity but the poll stations decided who is going to win and only for limited time like 3 years. Initially things may go wrong but when the Iraqis learn what it means when they give their vote from the point of view of their economy, education, health, services, building the country, jobs, etc they then will get rid of the idea of alliance and vote for the Sheikhs or clergies or so and instead will give their vote to the one who is able to serve them in the above issue and bring better life for them and their children. Of course this is another factor the regional government do not like to see it happening in Iraq (for a reason known to the heart of Jacob).

The ordinary Saudis must have enough themselves and the report by Mia Yamani explain part of that. The Shai in the Ihsaa and Katief the richest oil region yet the most poor area in Saudi are mostly the follower of Ali Sistani. In their calls to Al-Fayhaa TV they look positively to the changes happening in Iraq and they support peace and stability in Iraq opposite to the Wahabis who support the terrorists. The Saudi Shai have long been oppressed and tyrannized by the government. They live on a sea of oil yet they are not allowed to hold any high ranking jobs and none at all in politics. Their children are prevented from entering the good calibres universities and colleges like medicine even if they get high marks in their exams. They are not allowed to have their own mosques in Riyadh or other parts and they perform their religious duties and prayers there in secret especially in relation to Imam Hussein because he is the one who said no to tyranny and oppression. In actual fact the big Wahabi clergies refused to let the Shia to be involved in discussion of any thing even if it is related to the face washing meeting about national unity which was called for by Prince Abd-Allah.

The report in the blog above indicates that the ordinary Saudis are now looking for themselves as Haijazis, Najdis, Yamanis, and the richest of them are the Shia who may as a rebound to their oppression ask for separation in their own states especially if they see the role of their government haven't changed and still negative towards the Iraqi Shias. They know if they got their own state it will be one of the richest in the region and it will much improve their life and future.

Those who haven't realized yet that things are changed and the region is moving towards a new face have to rethink and change their policies. Every one knows now which incubators support terrorism and which universities graduate terrorists. It is time for those who are oppressed for hundred of years to come free and get their rights and live in peace and transparency with all the others. There should be no ethnic or tribal group above the others and no nationals above the rest. Every one should live in freedom, democracy and peace under the umbrella of law.

Kenneth Bigely Final Statement is a Coded Letter!

The Terror group Tawhid Wa Jihad released a video of their barbaric beheading of the British Citizen Kenneth Bigely on Sunday.

In the video KB makes a final statement, then the terrorists pronounce the death sentence.

There are several points different from the previous barbaric killing videos. We may summarize them as follows;

1.The statement of KB was in actual fact a coded letter which should not be ignored and needs to be studied carefully! It was certainly made not to the Camera but to some one else. Following is the statement of KB:

"Here I am again Mr (Tony) Blair and your Government, very, very close to the end of my life,"

"I'm not a difficult person. I am a simple man who just wants to live a simple life with his family.

"These people, their patience is wearing very, very thin and they are very serious people.

"Please, please give them what they require, the freedom of the women in Abu Ghraib prison.

"If you do this the problem is solved."

Obviously KB knew he is going to die shortly (VERY, VERY CLOSE TO THE END OF MY LIFE). When he said here I am (AGAIN), it indicates that he managed to escape. The second sentence indicates and called his government to act after his death because it is not reasonable he means to free him now. The third sentence read like this: (these people is wearing very very thin.......). This could mean he knew that they are so weak now and so his last sentence is the heart of his coded letter by asking to give them what they require which read like this: (please, please give them what they require, in Abu Ghraib prison)! He added (if you do this the problem is solved) and here again the problem with these terrorists will not get solved by the freed women but KB means if you capture them and put them in Abu Ghraib the problem will be solved). It is very unlikely KB who knew he is doing to be killed after his recapture would say something for the sake of his killers. He was in full control of his mind and he knew what he was talking about and remember the names of his PM so easily so he most likely sense a coded letter to ask to kill or capture the thugs and punish them.

2.The 6 terrorists are not dressed in black clothing but casual ordinary clothing which indicates the execution was made very hastily. It also was done somewhere outside against a brick wall.

Alert: Urgent call!

People of Al-Latifyiah & Yosfyiah Calls for help!
A caller from Latifyiah to Al-Fayha TV today asked urgently the Iraqi interim government to interfere urgently to liberate them from the terrorists' hands!

The caller who we are not going to put his name for security reason was speaking desperately about the situation in Al-Latifyiah & Yosfyiah. He described it as the most miserable. He added that the terrorists are Arabs from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Algeria, Yemen, Jordan, Sudan and others. He told that Saddam kept his WMD with these thugs and they keep it in barrels hidden in these two regions. The terrorists oust many people from their homes and forced others to keep the terrorists with them.

He added that some of the Arab satellite channels are there with the terrorists to help in producing their activities. They got media producing instruments inside their homes for these channels. They submit people to the terrors by killing any one oppose them by beheading or shooting them in the streets. He mentioned that these terrorists are well supported by the remnant of the security agents of previous regime.

He called for urgent action and for the Iraqi forces to enter the city to free its people from the hands of the killers.

Other calls had been received before in the same channel from these areas as well as Falluja and Tellaafar in the North.

On the other hand the son of Abdullah Azam who is the God father of Usama Bin Laden (Hothiyafa Abdullah Azam) called Al-Arabyiah TV last night from Jordan and told them that Al-Qaeda got strong bases in Iraq and they can enter in and outside Iraq freely when they like.

It is so surprising the Iraqi government play its tactic with double standard. They attacked Sadr militia in Najaf yet allowing the thugs who are the main cause of security freely intimidating people and creating states inside the state! When they are going to tear the terrorists in these areas?

They washed their faces with his blood!

The fucking devils with instructions from Satan killed the British citizen Ken Begely. No wonder to do it because they follow the anomalous type of Islam by which their grand fathers killed (beheaded) Hussein the son of Prophet Mohammad daughter Fatama!

Yes; at the time of the Prophet death Islam divided into two. The real Islam for which Imam Hussein was killed and the Islam of the successive government is by which they killed their opponents and controlled wealth and power.

The real Islam was with Ali who was rejected by the aristocratic chiefs of Kouriash because he was poor and equitable. They feared for their positions and wealth from this man. They know Ali is the one who said the people are two kind of brothers for you; either a brother for you in religion or a brother for you in humanity!

In the last few moments of his life Prophet Mohammad requested a paper and a pen to write his last words for them. He said this is very important for your future so you will not go astray after me yet they refused to get the paper and the pen because they know and anticipated what he is going to write. The same people who refused this hurried to Saquifat Bani Saieda (a communal place for meeting) leaving the body of their Prophet not yet buried! There they had the first struggle for power after the death of the Prophet. They left Ali and the Prophet family behind. Ali was the vice person after Mohammad. He was grieving with his wife the Prophet's beloved daughter Fatama.

Those who gathered in the Saquifa cursed, insulted, and threatened each other while fighting who should be the leader (Khalefa)! It reached into physical abuse and serious threatening. It was chaotic atmosphere after which one team only controlled the power. The hypocrites then planned their way throw. Many who know the facts refused what happened but it is too late because since then the dictatorship entered the history of Islam. Immediately people forced to submit to the new statesmen or else killed and considered infidels. With time this manifest itself deeply and clearly until the power become inheritance in one tribe initially the tribe of Bano Ummayiad. The later was the enemy of Bano Hashem the prophet family and they killed his grand son Hussein latter during Yazid era.

The other real part of Islam remained with the family of Prophet which has been either killed or suppressed or weakened. When Imam Hussein killed he told them; by killing me we are now became clearly two nations! You are nation and we are another nation!

The religion of the fucking bastards who killed KB who is 63 years old man is the religion of Yazid and Bin Abd Al-Wahab. Prophet Mohammad religion forbids the killing of any Prisoners of War and forbids captive taking. More than that how can a person be killed for the mistake of other one or as a punishment for his government action? This is not the case but it is the hate which is deep inside these bastards to any one not similar to their way of life.

These cockroaches which live in the septic tanks have washed their faces and their bodies with the blood of Ken Begely. Killings for them became an addicted psychological illness that they can not live without it.

Curse be up on your religious shit of the Wahabism/Salafism and its kind, curse be up on your principles and its masterminds. HELL is your dowelling and Prophet Mohammad is innocent from your religion. He will first disown you and your devilish act.

Curse be up on Khardhawi, Hayaiat Ulama Musleemen and their alike who gave you the devilish Fatwa to kill. Curse be upon those who consider themselves as high ranking clergies for Muslims yet they stay silent on such atrocities. Have they not read with the Holy Quran says:

(And slay not the LIFE which Allah hath forbidden save with right) (17: 33 Holy Quran)

(whosoever killeth a human being for other than man slaughter or corruption in the earth , it shall be as if be had killed all mankind , and whoso saveth the life of one , it shall be as if he had : saved the life of all mankind . Our messengers came unto them of old with clear proofs (of Allah ' s sovereignty) , but afterwards lo! many of them became prodigals in the earth) (5: 32 Holy Quran)

The Quran in the above verse (17:33) used the word Nafis (life) which is an Arabic word means any life even animal life is considered (Nafis).

Wreck it or not!

We may witness in the next few weeks surrendering and/or killing of many terrorists in Iraq but on the same time high vigilance should be the top choice until full security implemented.

The use of force as the only language understood by the savage groups has accomplished many achievements. Force against terrorists should be applied appropriately, precisely and without lag. Lag or redundant time may be taken as weakness or used for regrouping and moving again.

The terrorists have yelled for help for money and men. Most of their money came from the oil gulf states. One of these states recently arrested Wahabi/Salafi group which is showing videos for the Tawhid and Jihad (Zarqawi) terrorists attacking Iraqi forces or allegedly US forces or vehicles and at the end of the show they collect money for them. Their supply is drying and their networks are damaged.

After the declaration of the Sadr group today to disarm with some face saving conditions it has been declared that some clergies and tribal leaders in Falluja trying to reach a solution by next week to allow the Iraqi police to enter the city but not the US forces.

Although the signs indicate that the terrorists are at their end but tricks are not an unusual especially with these groups. It may be just negotiations to enable them to take a deep breath then try again as it happened before in Falluja when even the IP converted into terrorists siding.

The Iraqi government and the US forces should NOT accept a condition that the US forces not allowed entering the city even if they don't like to enter it. At least the non-entry of US forces should be conditioned by full denouncement and stop of attacks plus fulfilling the conditions below otherwise its entry become automatic. On the other hand they should first denounce terrorism and surrender or expel all Arab terrorists from their city and not allowed them to come again. The law should be the state law and not Wahabi/Salafi law. Freedom should be respected and no obligation imposed by certain groups or leaders of tribes or clergies. All arms should by surround in a short frame time including small arms like guns from all groups. Those who committed crimes should be tried according to the Iraqi justice including the capital punishment.
In actual fact there should be no condition put by the terrorists. More than that is the concerned areas should not be rewarded for their crimes.

The crack down is working and should continue not allow the criminals to relax!


Current situation from Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Afghanistan and many reports indicates that there is a serious and significant and sudden drawback in the network of terrorism inside Iraq.

At least one report indicates that a major split happened in the circuit close to Abu-Musab Zarqawi. It is believed to be some of his closet aides may have been revolted against him after the beheadings and kidnapping issues. This probably was augmented by the major strikes of the US forces on strategic sites for Al-Qaeda in Falluja, Sammara, Al-Qaaim and other places.

Whether or not Zarqawi has been killed or escaped to Iran is not confirmed yet but there is a big crackdown inside the frame of their network.
This is a good outcome for more push towards the target by more and strong action sooner rather than latter.

Some other unconfirmed reports indicate that Iyman Al-Zawahri has been arrested in the border with Pakistan.

We will follow these and get reports as soon as emerged.

Serious and Dangerous

The way that the matters move in Iraq indicates that the terrorists have penetrated well the system of not only the interim Iraqi government but the coalition forces as well.

The Dutch troops have received many threats to kill them up to the top level in the forces inside Holland. Some of these threats came as telephone calls to their private phones or as messages inside their mobile phones or to their emails.
The sources of these calls are not only from inside Iraq but from Germany and Holland itself. It threatened to kill their relatives as well.

This is very serious and dangerous condition. The nature of the recent attacks in Iraq point out to the same thing about the existence of strong intelligence and spies for the terrorists inside various systems.

Holland is investigating the nature and sources of these threats. They believe it came from pro-terrorists radicals in Europe.

One less; One more!

The Iraqi Police have found two bodies belong to foreigners in South of Baghdad (Yosifyiah area)! The man was beheaded and the woman had been shot on the head. On the same time an Iraqi Engineer who works with the US forces has been beheaded according to a terrorist video.

Sammara is under the control of the Iraqi and US forces after the terrorists flied the area or killed. Meantime Falluja is under preliminary strike for may be the big fight to liberate it. This may be so important to capture or kill Zarqawi. Some Arabs have been killed in the last strikes on Falluja among them Kuwaitis.
Sammara attack is the strongest since the overthrown of the regime. It has been condemned by the Ulama Molseemen (Sunni/Wahabi) group.

Indeed there is a big shift towards informing and providing viable information about the terrorists by the Iraqis especially after the bomb which killed 35 Iraqi children at least. The majority of the Iraqis now want the government to put an end to the terrorists and to use all options including strong force to capture or kill the terrorists.

The new school term just started in Iraq and many children failed to go to their school due to the security problem!

The US forces proposed a truce in Al-Thawra (Sadar) city to enable the concerned companies to finish the rebuilding of the infrastructures, services and roads in that area. It may be a good opportunity to provide jobs and improve the services which may help to establish security and reduce unemployment.

Lastly for those who consider themselves angles walking on the earth or representing God on Earth I said what Jesus Christ said thousands of years ago:

"Let any one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone......"

Found inside the pocket of the suicidal terrorist?!

AT least 34 children have been killed by the suicidal bombs in Baghdad Yesterday. Many of the killed children and other victims have been converted into fragmented corpses.

The good news is a tough action toady against the holes and a cave of the devils in Samara is under way. We hope to see strong actions and mighty force to destroy the thugs in all areas including Baghdad. The Iraqi government with the help of the US forces should hammer their heads strongly in the way that they deserve it. There should be no need for the Iraqi government to think twice or to hit twice. They should hit only one time! Yes; they may need to prepare themselves to strike well on the heart of the target but if you got infested tree you need to trim all the infected parts otherwise the fruits will be spoiled.

The other example of those who are redundant against terrorists is John Kerry. During the debate with GWB he accused him that GWB was wrong in the war against Saddam. His explanation is that Saddam was not involved in the 11 Sep 2004! What a clever explanation which indicates that any one who has no connection with Usama Bin Laden is not terrorists or representing a danger for the security of the world.

In actual fact Saddam was more dangerous than UBL for the security of the international and regional security. If Saddam and his regime got the opportunity he will never ever hesitate to produce nuclear weapons and certainly use it against any one including his own people. If he got the opportunity to provide any kind of help and assistance to the terrorists including UBL he will never think twice to give double or quadruple for them. Saddam provided money to many terrorists' organisation and suicidal thugs which is proved by the documents confiscated after the liberation of Iraq.
Indeed, neither JK nor any one else can prove that Saddam had no connection with Al-Qaeda. The terrorists who came from Arab and Afghani origin now in Iraq are the best example of his connection. He brought many of them prior to the entry of the US forces into Iraq.

The Americans including JK should ask us the Iraqis about Saddam and what kind of criminal he is. We can answer this in one word only which is; UBL considered as a little baby compared to Saddam as a mastermind of terror.

What GWB done to get rid of Saddam is like playing a chess and laying siege to two major pawns in one move or like the experienced farmer who trim all the infected parts of the tree starting with the main ones? JK on the other hand would like to trim the obvious outside part and leave the hidden and more serious part intact and we know the consequences of this approach. This is why the terrorists will declare victory if GWB loss the election and they will breathe deeply if JK win. In actual fact JK want to do alliance with the radicals which is the other face of the terrorists!

Lastly just to mention that the fucking suicidal thug who killed the children in Baghdad yesterday his dirty body was disintegrated and they found only part of his trouser. When they opened the pocket of the trouser they found several tablets of Viagra produced in Saudi Arabia and written on it (happy journey to paradise; don't forget your Viagra!)

Explanation about the frame picture above

Since many readers wrote either direct to me or in the comment section that the above FRAME picture is not for Iraqi children killed by the terrorists in Baghdad on 30 Sep 2004 but to children killed by the US forces in its strike in Falluja, I therefore did a search about the sources of these pictures.

First of all the sources where we took ours from are as follows:





All the above are Iraqi sources of different parties.

In conclusion the above frame picture therefore used by some sites as children killed by the US forces and in some it was used under the headline of terrorists massacred children in Baghdad or just with out title but published on the day of the attack like in 4 below.

We are unable to verify both sources but from what most of the readers of this site said we conclude that the frame picture above is for children killed by the US forces strike in Falluja.

We thank all those who wrote to me to point out to make a correction about the picture. On the same time our information here depending on many sources and we can not verify all sites' information but at least we can correct it in response to readers' sources when valid.

Lastly we would like to mention that we all may do mistake as well as the concerned sites but it is better to point out to the pitfalls of the others by civilised way. Any insult indicates the inferiority of its originator.

We have to mention here that this is not the first time that Iraqi children killed. Millions of children have been killed in the war in 1990-1991 followed by the genocide of the UN sanction and the Bill Clinton's strikes. When Madeline Albright his FM asked is it worth it to kill all these children?! She said yes it is worth the price!!

Al-Aamiryiah banker in Baghdad still witnessed the souls of the children heard crying and yelling at night until today. It has been hit in 1991 twice by US rockets and dissolved the inside children into fat and liquidate their flesh and bone!

You are talking about pictures while sitting in your rocker chairs and we witnessed the fire hell melting our children many times from Saddam's wars until now.

Yes it is right to put it right but who concerns about the right?

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