How you become a millionaire in one day?!

After the fall of the dictator regime in Iraq every one was dreaming to join the process of rebuilding this country especially it got destroyed infrastructures and services following decades of wars and corruptions followed by crippling global international sanction. Variable speciality big companies, politicians, economists, small and big traders, oil companies, individuals and others felt happy and prepared themselves and put their plans for that reason. They know that Iraq is not only rich in oil but got the finest oil in the region and among the best in the world. In addition to that it has many resources including tourism, silica, agricultural, Sulphur, plus human resources and strategic position with thousands of years deep in the history.
Many individuals came here for jobs and some they succeed to get the available.

The Iraqis also felt happy that they will get reconstruction so as more jobs and better services and forward prosperity!

The competition was so high even big states among the UN permanent members entered in a dispute of which companies should get the shares?
During that heated atmosphere there other people entered the competition suddenly and pushed every one out including the UN permanent states which rocked the boat and hit us with nasty noises. After the new intruders entered the noise making states hide their heads in the dust. Who are these winners then? I am sure most of you now know who are they?

Some of the foreigners especially Arabs who have no qualifications or experience and they are failures that can not find any job tried and trying their adventure in Iraq.

There are reports indicates that some Arabs who dreams to be a multi-millionaire in one day are going to Iraq. Once the concerned terrorist employing groups pay these adventurers the first bonus (few thousands dollars) and arrange for them to enter Iraq without documents they go into a simple training then they make their own business!
The plan for such business was already agreed by the group prior to entry. It needs nothing but weak foreigners who have no body guards to kidnap them. Once this happen every thing else comes like a cascade. If you got a video camera just get a film and send it to Al-Jazeera and the Western government will pay the millions. If you got no camera just contact Al-Jazeera (the voice of terrorists) and it will defy or ignore the Iraqi government order of its closure and will organise the rest for you but they ask for a cake with a cream on the top!

In the last few days even you don't need to trouble yourself with kidnapping and its consequences as the Iraqi Police getting a little bit mature because you can buy or negotiate with your hostage. Even you don't need to ask for ransom or involve Al-Jazeera but kidnap and sale to some one else who will do the big job. You may arrange every thing with the hostages themselves as far as you give them part of the ransom as it happened with the Two Italian Simonas who were sold for 2 millions.
There are people who become a little bit cleverer and took the job of becoming hostage for 2 weeks or so. They then get the money and become famous and will sale their stories to film maker and publishing companies!

Once your money in the pocket and you become a millionaire that is it back to where you came from and you know the way very well. Once you crossed the border with millions of dollars you can enjoy one thousands virgins not only 73 as this is a limited number! You don't need to go to paradise for that. They wait for you in Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon and even in the USA!

I winder why those who are doing the job are mainly non-Iraqis yet the unemployment rate in Iraq is the highest of up to 85% compared to the countries of the terrorists origin!

In conclusion it is not a religion or paradise or any thing else but it is a sickness and done by psychologically anomalous thugs and adventurers for money!

Iran provides safe roads for the terrorists!

Hundreds of Afghani Arabs crossed from Iran to Iraq in the last few weeks especially via Diyala province and Hemreen Mountains.

Iran playing a dirty role in Iraq not only by allowing the thugs to cross borders and provides them with facilities to help in that but also in destabilizing and controlling the situation in the South. The influence of the Iranian secret forces in Basrah is public under the eyes of the British forces and with their silence. They implement their role by force and by their names. They encourage the Southern provinces to separate. They know separation increase the chance for civil war.

Iran in 1979 tried to export its propaganda to Iraq and the oil states in the Gulf but they failed. The same leaders (minus Khomeini) trying to do the same now. This time is not to export propaganda but to stop an imminent revolution inside Iran which is already started indeed.

The Iranian government is fool because if the separation succeeded the first thing to happen is for the Arabs in south west Iran to request separation and may even request to unite with the new big oil producing Shia Arab state which extend from Baghdad to includes Arabstan inside Iran. This state will then be the replacement for Saudi Arabia because it will be the biggest oil producing in the world. This of course will lead to disintegration of Saudi Arabia into 4 states. The richest among them will be the Shia Eastern province with its ARAMCO rich oil producing region. More than that is the Kurds in Iran will separate as well as the Bashton and other nationals.

Who are the Hostages?

This is a very important question that we may ask at the present time! In other word are the hostages are the captives taken by the barbaric devilish thugs or all of us?

We don't need details to answer such a question but it may be answered either way! That means we are all taken hostages by the terrorists so it is up to us to use every available mean to free our selves. If the terrorists become unable to control our will that means we are free and they ultimately will loss.

In practice if we give the terrorists what they ask for they will demands more. They will never stop and never give up.
The best example for kneeling down for the terrorists is the Philippine government which encouraged the present crises. It needs no explanation that the more you submit to their demands the more you encourage hostage taken and boycotting by the terrorists.

The video tape which was released by the terrorists about Ken Begley Today is another evidence of the sick personality of these thugs. The terrorists just show their hostages either been killed by the most barbaric way or demanding from their government to answer their demands. The most important thing is KB is talking under sever pressure. He is indeed abused mentally as well as physically. They are killing him several times per day. He is emotionally dying every second. This is against most simple animal and insects' ethics. The terrorists are devils and inhumane with no ethics or principles.

The other most important point related to this hostage issues and statements is showing us how important and respectful is the life of humanbeings in the Western society while very cheap and undignified in the Arab and ME society.

One last thing about the scene that these terrorists used when KB send his message is it looks like the cells and the prisoner uniform of the Al-Qaeda prisoners. This is a clear indication that the war between the terrorists is in actual fact a war with Al-Qaeda and not an Iraqi resistance.


Helped Saddam to kill the Iraqis

Helped the UN to keep the sanction on Iraq

Tried its best to keep Saddam in power

Sold HIV infected blood which killed many Iraqis and refused any investigations

Oil for food bribes

Helped Israel to strike the Iraqi nuclear reactor after she built it

Tried to resist lifting the sanction after the overthrown of Saddam

At last France called for the Terrorists of Al-Qaeda in Iraq to join the Supposed International Conference about Iraq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No more to say!

Ken Begely

we are with you, we request your release soon. God (Allah) described himself as the Most Merciful Most Compassionate and if your captives know this they should release you so soon!

Hostages Release!

It is good to hear about the release of the two Italian Simonas who were kidnapped by the infidel terrorists but whether to kill one or more by the barbaric way that the killers done is same. They are still in humane, terrorist, dirty thugs and barbaric.

We don't know why the hostages released? Is there any sort of compromise? How much they pay?

An unknown person called Ali Dolimai just interviewed by Al-Arabyiah TV and he thanked the terrorists for the release! What bullshit of thanking killers?

Indeed there are lot of reports indicates that the networks of the terrorists is getting frayed day by day. There heads are off track! There more they will kidnap the most likely will be captured and killed. They know that they are not stronger than Imjad Hussein the big devil who was killed in Pakistan 2 days ago. We think this is the main reason for the release.

On the other hand they know that they are well penetrated now and there are reports indicate some of them start to revolt against the big devils from inside. Soon some of them will come to witness on their big thugs as they did in Saudi Arabia.

We feel sad and on the same happy for the released hostages like Simonas. Sad, because of what happen to them from trauma which will never go out of them for their life and sad again for the killed hostages and the remaining one but happy for Simonas and others to come back to their families and all of us.

We hope the British Ken Begley will be released soon.

Just Why?!

Why when there is hostages taken the concerned people go to negotiate with Hareth Al-Thari and Hayiat Uolama Al-Mousleemen (Sunni/Wahabi group) in Baghdad?

Why Hareth Al-Thari repeated and confirmed the Fatwa of Al-Khardawi by saying that the Mujahedeen may take any one who work with the Americans in Iraq?

Why the name of Uom Al-Tabool Mosque changed into Bin-Taymiyah (B-T = is the one on his doctrine based the principle of the Wahabi believe)?

Why France sent an HIV-contaminated blood to Iraq 1980s and refused to compensate the victims and investigate the matter until now?

Why Iran until now refused to give back the Iraqi airplanes and to release the POWs still in their captivity?

Why the Arabs made a big fuss about the hand shake between Iraqi IPM and the Israeli FM? Don't most of them do it?


For those who are interested a New Iraqi Satellite Channel called Al-Fayhaa started on:

1. Hotbird: F. 11747; H; SRC 27500; 3/4

2. Nilesat: F. 12226; H; SRC 27500; 3/4

Good luck for Al-Fayhaa and its staff especially Mr Hashim Addeione

Congratulation for the Iraqi Soccer!

Won against South Korea 3:0 !

Please see article below on Iraq election!

Iraq Election: True or False!

It has been said that the election will be held in about three month from now in Iraq. If the election happened it will give birth to the first elected government in the history of the Iraq and may be the Arab world but is it going to happen and if so where is it?!

Three months is a short time yet we don't know which parties are going to be nominated or submitted. Where are these parties? Who are their nominees? What are their programmes?

The Iraqis would like to know the parties and their representatives as well as their agenda for the future!! None of these important questions answered until now!

The only thing we heard lately is the announcement of Donald Ramsfield to the Iraqi interim PM about a limited election which is a surprise declaration unless he means to exclude the areas which are not under the control of the government.

It is even the party of Iyad Alawi the interim PM has no clear agenda of what to do in all aspects like security, army, Police, health, education, reconstruction, trials of the criminals, and other important social and outside problems.

In America the elections are going to happen just 2 months earlier yet preparation and agenda have been announced few months ago in addition to the nominees (GWB and JK).

We need details of Iraq election soon!

Email I received from the terrorists or their supporters

I receive too many emails most of them from the civilised people who are even if they don't agree with me or with you in the idea they put their thoughts with out insult.

I would like to show here one of the emails which insult without even mentioning why but I assume he or she is either terrorists or very pro-terrorists.

It is written in Arabic language so it means it is from Arabs! No wonder! It is as below:

From : khal zoubi <> Sent : 24 September 2004 20:48:22

To : <>

anta kalb monafik

End of the email!

This means: you are dog and hypocritical.

I hope the will take an action as soon as possible and I will appreciate any one to do something about this thug or thugs.

Declaration from Najaf Hawza

Najaf Hawza is the theological foundation which includes schools and university established more than 1000 years ago. Unlike the Sunni schools which were supported by the governments, Hawza is an independent foundation supported by the charity money from the Shai Muslims all over the world. One of its teachers now is Sayid Ali Sistani. It has been targeted many times by all the Sunni government along the history of the Islamic state and the recent Iraqi state especially by Saddam regime. Many of its scholars have been executed.

Hawza released many statements about the kidnapping and the killing of the innocent people whoever they are. The last statement was on the 25 Sep 2004 and below is the summary of the last statement.

By the Name of Allah the most Compassionate and the most Merciful

The kidnapping and killing of Iraqis, Arabs and Foreigners by organisations which considers all other than itself as infidels is not from Islam and its noble values and principles. One of the victims of these organisations are the Shia individuals, the university lectures and scientists, the intellectuals, the doctors, the officials, the innocent people in places of worship (Mosques, Churches, and others), the workers, the Shia drivers who were killed in Falluja, the Kurds, the Turkmans, and others.

The crimes of the above organisations also involved the foreigners who came to Iraq for work or as professionals in their speciality to help in the process of building or planning. Those victims are from Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan, France, Italy, UK, USA, Nepal, Spain, Canada, Russia, Bulgaria and others.

We repeat what we have said before that these wrong and tyrannised acts do not belong to Islam by any way.

We call for the release of all those who were kidnapped immediately whatever their nationalities or believes.

The wrong organisations have nothing to do with Islam the religion of peace, love, forbearing, kindness, and good values.

We also look forward from the intellectuals to differentiate between Islam as a religion and these wrongful bands.

25 Sep 2004 Hawza, Najaf


The thugs most likely killed (beheaded) the two Italian women and the British hostage may be already killed or will be soon.

We are not dealing with ordinary animals or just cockroaches living in the septic tanks of the dirtiest areas in earth neither a new race of unknown creatures but an extension to the filth of the terrorists Wahabis.

They showed us in the last few weeks how they kill children, women, elderly people, and other innocent in the most barbaric way known. We said known because its in deed known in their history and officially used in the countries which implement the Wahabi doctrine (See Beheading article in the Archive on 4 July 2004).

One of their thugs who is the Khardhawi of Al-Zarqawi (or the Fatwa issuing thug for him) Abo Inas Al-Shami has been killed by an American rocket specially sent for him from God to send him to hell. He is a Jordanian from Palestinian origin.

Indeed the families of the US victims who were killed recently should sue Sheikh Yosif Al-Khardhawi (Egyptian live in Qatar) who issued Fatwa to kill the civilian in Iraq any one in doubt of working with the American. Few days after his Fatwa the two were killed. The families should also bring justice against Al-Jazeera which allowed him to broadcast his Fatwas there and Qatar which provide both with support and money.

Terrorists may declare Victory!

There are talks about the release of Dr Germ and Dr Anthrax by the US forces in Iraq! This is a surprise news which if it is true indicates none but the confusion of the US and Iraqi interim government of how to deal with the terrorists' demands.

If this is going to happen it will be certainly seen as a victory to the terrorists and a success achieved by their operation in which they kidnapped and beheaded two Americans and still holding a British man.

The Iraqi Minister for information said that there is no connection to the release and the kidnapping. This is a foolish announcement that no one would easily accept. More than this is why they release these two women who were active members in the dictator criminal regime. On the other hand why they should be released after the beheading of the two Americans? Is it to save the British or to avoid new similar operation? The answer is the opposite for both!
If this is going to happen then every one should be prepared to accept more kidnapping and more beheading and it may not save the life of the British captive. The terrorists may ask for more demands and they may say there are more women to be released and not only these two.

Hoda Amash and Rihab Taha were active members of the regime and should be submitted into trial and released only after cleared from any blood. However they both are close witnesses about the regime crimes.

The declaration of the Minister of Justice by saying that he is prepared to release one or both is VOID! He is in actual fact not acting as a judge here and if he is so then he should show us evidence of their innocence! He added in an interview with the BBC reporter that he will release them if the PM issued him a (Fatwa)!
Well; is there then any difference from the totalitarian decrees used to be issued by Saddam and the new regime.
On the other hand if they are innocent and released without trials they then should sue those who hold them without evidence for long time.

This is a wrong decision in a wrong time by a wrong people!

Abo Anas Alshami

(Omar Yosif Jomaa) 37 year's Palestinian thug lived in Jordan sent to hell by an American rocket near Baghdad. He was the Mullah who issues filthy Fatwa's to the Palestinian thug Abo Musab Zarqawi who is again lived in Jordan. Abo devil Alshami is Wahabi/Salafi/Sunni belongs to Tawhed and Jihad of the above filth. He was his man media. His family holding a commemorative party in Amman!

Mass grave

MG with at least 23 bodies appears to be for Westerns and from ME has been found north of Falluja! It has been found after the people in Falluja smell a bad odour from a nearby site. The IP then surrounded the area and dug it and found the bodies. Sources said it is very likely that Abo Musab Zarqawi buried them to hide their IDs. Some said the bodies may belong to US soliders but it most likely belongs to Saudis and Syrians and other Arabs and foreigners who foght with Zarqawi and when killed by a US strikes the thugs buried them secretly to hide their IDs. All awaiting forensic studies.

For How long?!

One American hostage probably Eugene Armstrong has been killed. The (Sunni)/Wahabi/Salafi group of Abu-Musab Zarqawi which called itself Tawhed and Jihad confirmed in a website that they beheaded EA. They threat to behead the others if their demands are not met.

Here we would like to congratulate (Sheikh Yosif Al-Khardhawi) who declared yesterday in a programme with the multiple coloured with various shaped Hijab wearing Khadeja Bin Kina in Al-Jazeera, declared that it is legal to kidnap and terrorise any one who may help the US in Iraq! He used the word (Takhwef) and (Rowaab) or to frighten and terrorize. He encouraged this but failed to say who will judge that this person may be taken and the other is not!

Congratulations may also go to HAMAS which sent its members to liberate Palestine from inside Iraq via Iran by attacking and killing the Shia (the other Iraqi Jewish)!

Our congratulations will go to John Kerry who said that he will change course in Iraq and pull off as quick as possible but not towards USA. He said he will avert his course to fight Usama Bin Laden in the mountains of Tora Bora! He criticised GWB by averting US efforts from UBL the (only) enemy of JK.

Congratulations should also go to Iyad Alawi who failed to crush the terrorists and failed to implement the most sever punishment and he know how these people can be led and in which way. Some people know only one way. Saddam knew it!

Although our deep sympathy is with the family of the victims but more heads still awaited to be cut unless deep and strong and exalted power used to fuck off all the terrorists and their hostels.

If there is a cancer not responding to usual treatment, isolate the effected parts and excise them from existence.

Civil War!

Iraq may be heading towards civil war if the concerned officials keep silent over what the extremists among the Sunnis are doing in the hot areas!

For the last 18 months after the fall of the dictators and their escape from the duty the Shias become prime targets for the attacks by the devils of the Sunni triangle.
These attacks now are getting a new dimension by subjecting not only the officials among the Shias but also the ordinary people.

In the last few days many Shais have been either killed or exposed to intimidation or threats in many areas in Baghdad, and other parts of Iraq.
In Al-Latifyiah city South of Baghdad many have been killed. Now the insurgents there are attacking every car holding a plate number belongs to Shiite cities like Najaf and Kerbala.

The Iraqi Police recently arrested several Sunni terrorists planning to carry out suicidal attacks against Shias during Shiite gatherings in Baghdad, Najaf and Kerbala.

On the same time many attacks have been carried out against Iraqi Christians and other religions apart from Sunni sects! The same terrorists are those who kidnap and behead foreigners. The latest are the British and US civil engineers working in the re-construction of Iraq.

The Shia knew that several outside terrorist organisations planning to create a war between Sunni and Shia. However the Sunnis are not doing any thing about this but rather they still dream about their benefits from the previous regime and their absolute control of power over all the other sects in Iraq in spite being a minority for hundreds of years.

The Arabs who are mostly Sunni especially the Wahabis in the Gulf states including Saudi Arabia doing every thing impossible to make the absolute Sunni control of power to go back to crush the others in Iraq. Wahabis consider all the people other than the Sunnis as infidels and should be killed as and when there is an opportunity to do so. This killing according to their doctrine is in the name of God who is innocent from this sin.

Iran on the other hand in spite its Shiite doctrine but they first fight the US in Iraq and second they don't like to loss their leadership for the Shia in the world if Najaf schools and universities going back to its glory which was hindered by the Iraqi dictator regimes. If this happened it may attract several Shiite scholars to migrate from Iran to Najaf.

If a civil war occurs all the possibilities will get opened but the terrorists will implement their own plan which will not confined to Iraq alone. It will certainly and without any doubt spread quickly to the other countries. The first countries to which the trouble will get in are the same countries which incubate terrorist doctrine and send its graduates to Iraq and other regions. No regional country will be immune at all.

The only way to prevent civil war in Iraq is to capture or kill those who plan for such a thing. There strategic areas controlled now by the insurgents and some have already become very established bases for them, should now be controlled as quickly as possible by the Iraqi government. If these regions become under the Iraqi government control the insurgent will loss their bases and scattered in a way make it very difficult for them to plan major attacks. Weakened rats trapped then so easily.

On the same time the Shia, Kurds, Christians, and others who were oppressed by the previous regime should unite and they should realized well that, the Arabs and their poisonous media like Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabyiah and others are aiming to keep them under the same role of absolute Arab Sunni power which oppressed the others.

Release the British civil engineer and his colleagues

The British and his two colleagues from USA should be released immediately! Their safety is the responsibly of the whole Sunni groups and their triangle.

We call up on any one who knows where they are or can help in their release to do this immediately and to help in capturing or killing their kidnappers.

Terrors' Roots!

The barbaric killing by attacking the Iraqi civilians and police, the journalists, the charity workers, the beheadings of civilians from different nationalities and other crimes will certainly escalate. This escalation is not merely due to the terrorists' plan but it is directly related to the weak attitude of the Interim Iraqi Authorities especially the ministry of Interior.

The fundamental question is about the aim of the terrorists what to achieve from their attacks?

We know that in each issue things are planed to achieve certain goals. Each plan needs resources of which the most important one is the trained human resources and money. Of course the geographical and political elements are very important.
Al-Qaeda in its Wahabist gown aims to control the region starting from Middle East and ending by implementing the Khilafa state! There are so many political parties not involved in the direct attacks but calling for the same thing like Al-Tahrier party which got many branches every where around the world. Khilafa is a continuity for the Bani-Umyiah, Bano-Al-Abbas and Othman destinies hypocritical dictators.

In Afghanistan the aim of Talibban and Al-Qaeda was to establish their darkness and spread it to Pakistan, Iran and the Arab region plus abroad. In spite of the short time that Talibban stayed in power they were able to get Octopus arms every where in this planet. They organised and carried out many serious attacks including the New York 11 Sep 2001 deadly attacks. Their ambition hasn't vanished with Afghanistan. They changed their tactics right after the liberation of Afghanistan from their atrocities.

The collapse of the security systems including the borders in Iraq after the fall of the dictator regime provided Al-Qaeda with golden opportunity to transfer some of its important bases to Iraq. This was a favourable geographical site for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is the readily available human resources and money from the neighbouring countries. The geographical factor though not as good as Afghanistan's caves and mountains but the long borders with Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Turkey and Kuwait provides them with easy access to human resources, money transfer, weapons, communications and injecting the arms of the Octopus with powerful tonics right to Europe.
In actual fact the Sunni triangle provides them with not only ground for existence but geopolitical support by many well known Mullahs and Tribal leaders.

We may argue whether or not these people can win against the United State and its allies in Iraq but we should not assume that this is impossible!

They now aim to escalate their attacks in all direction in Iraq and may hit somewhere else as when they get the opportunity. Their final goal is to send Iraq into fuss and chaos. This is why they concentrate on specific targets. If they achieve near complete civilian chaos due to continues lack of security, no services, and no where to get safe then they may win! This is by sending the society into turmoil in which case its control become so difficult and may slip out of control. There are some signs shown after the today attack in Baghdad of that.
For that the attackers need a ground level for their bases. This has already been established in very well known areas and there are struggle to control some more strategic areas in Baghdad and nearby.

If Al-Qaeda/Wahabis succeed in controlling Iraq they will spread to the other countries including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and others. This scenario may look odd and impossible but it is the ambition of these people and they put themselves between dying and achieving it.

The only way to wipe the terrorists and struck them off is to use the method they understand. Their roots should be wiped out, by implementation of sever punishment, surrounding the terrorists' areas and after warnings liberate it by all means.
The reconstructions should go quickly by rebuilding all services in the settled regions and aiming for reducing the unemployment into a very low level.
The other important thing is with the help of the civilised international community the countries supporting the terrorism in Iraq should pay the price sooner rather than latter.

Saying all that, we think that the terrorists by attacking the civilians and the Iraqi Police will inscribe their end by their own blood stained hands.

Baghdad's attack today is another sign of how weak is the Interim government and how widely involved the regional Wahabists and other groups.

If the Interim Interior Minister of Iraq can NOT protect his own forces how he may provide security to the people? He should step down to allow some one stronger to crush the terrorists and provide security. The time of Arab's dirty habit of clinging to positions for life should have no place in Iraq.

If you fall, it is better to leave some one else to takeover otherwise you are just hypocritical person in a wrong position!

Mentality & Terrorism!

Al-Arabyiah TV on the 11th Sep 2004 broadcasted a live programme about the New York Twin Towers attack in 2001. There is no problem with the programme itself and the good thing it showed is how deep and big is the conspiracy theory implanted inside the Arabs mentality. The question of the programme was "Do you think that there are organizations other than Al-Qaeda responsible for the 11 Sep 2001 attacks in NY?!"

More than 85% of the callers voted for YES! Less than 15% voted for no! Those who said yes think that Israel, the Zionists, and the USA are the ones that carried out the NY attacks in 2001! Some of them considered Osama Bin Laden as a hero Mujahed and others variably said that he is an American agent or (made in the USA) who shared the attack with them!

Some expressed very strange views by saying that GWB arranged these attacks as a gratitude to the Jewish who make him to win the election earlier! They explained that by this GWB send his troops to plunder the region's wealth and to protect Israel!

Most of the phone calls especially which considered UBL as a hero came from KSA! No surprise, but it would have been nice if UBL niece Wafa Yaslam Bin Laden the singer and artists who disowned her uncle and lives now in West London's Knightsbridge rich area called to give her views.

The same mentality is the one which organise the volunteers to go for Jihad (holy war) in Iraq from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, and others!
In Saudi Arabia there are many families congratulated by others because their sons have been killed in Iraq! Many Saudis have disappeared inside Iraq in the Sunni triangle in Falluja, Ramadi, Latyfiyah, Mosel, Tikrit, Baquoba, Baghdad, Samara, and even inside the Shia areas in Najaf and Kerbala. The Sunni triangle has become a magnate for all kind of killers and mercenaries from different areas in and outside Iraq.
The jobless young dull people from the above countries have been promised by the trafficking agents to give them Iraqi women to marry as well as money, free food and houses. All what they do in return is certain jobs of robbery on the road between Iraq and Jordan or kidnapping or even killing. The concerned Mullahs brain washed them to make them to feel that they are doing this work in the name of God and if died or killed will go to Paradise!

In the south of Lebanon and the Sunni areas the people often talk about those who were killed or disappeared continually in Iraq or about those who are volunteered to go there! The same thing happened in Aien Al-Holwa Palestinians Camp and Syria, Yemen and Jordan, Morocco and the concerned countries. The US forces already handed at least 30 Moroccans belonged to different terrorists' organisation captured in Iraq. There are 50 more that are going to be handed to the Moroccan authorities soon for farther investigation.

In Yemen while the dictator regime kills his opponents by the most brutal ways is allowing the Yemenis to go for Jihad in Iraq openly.

The ground in Iraq become so complicated to allow too many terrorists to come supported by the money from the oil Gulf States and the regional governments and organisations. The organisations like Hayiat Ulama Al-Mosleemen and the local Mullahs in the concerned areas as well as the Iraqi Police and Tribal leaders in these regions are playing a big role in protecting the terrorists and conducting several attacks along their territories. Some of them fear the Mujahdeen and some for money while others are for role. One of the best example is Sheikh Abd Allah Al-Janabi who controls the area South of Baghdad (Al-Latifiyah) up to Misaiab and Hila south. At least 10 miles of that road becomes deadly impossible for any one to pass through. Many were killed or kidnapped there and many used longer roads to avoid robbery, killing, rape or intimidations.

The intensification and the variability in these attacks happening during the same time at different places indicate the level of the organization that these groups achieved.
In actual fact Al-Qaeda and its sub-groups may have penetrated many Western intelligent agencies including the CIA and certainly the security systems of the Arab states especially the KSA, and the other Gulf states.

In spite of all of that GWB still a head of his opponent JK who is the favourite choice for the above mentioned mentality.

On the other hand the trial of Saddam Hussein and the other mass murderers will preliminary set out for few weeks time. Some of Saddam Baath members and ministers will give evidence against him. Despite the large sum of money collected by the Arab lawyers to defend him and the attempt of one of them to marry his daughter, he is still without lawyer. The court then decided to appoint one for him. The newly appointed judge resigned few hours after his appointment for security reason. He said he would have been continued as far as his name remained confidential.

Terrorists and their links!

Day after day the Wahabi/Salaffi/Sunni/Qaeda terrorists prove to the world that they are no thing but devils. It is wrong to assume that they belong to Islam. Islam and any other religion are innocent from them and reject them totally. This will involve all the groups, media, supporters, and alike organisations which support them or negotiate in their names or act as a mediator between them and the others. The best example of these organisations is Hayiat Ulama Al-Moslimeen and the media is Al-Jazeera, Al-Manar, Al-Alem, and Al-Arabyiah.

Few days ago the terrorists attacked and probably raped children in the Russia and now they are taking Italian women working with a charity organization in Baghdad!
Simona Pari and Simona Torretta 29 years old and two Iraqis Raad Ali Aziz and Mahnaz Basam were abducted from their office in Baghdad!

If Iyad Alawi government failed to improve the security situation and to punish severely the thugs it should quit and give the power to some one who is able to hold the terrorists and punish them severely.

It is shame on (Sheihk) Yosif Khardhawi to produce a Fatwa allowing the killing of the civilians in Iraq and few days later the thugs responding to his fatwa by kidnapping these two women! What type of bullshit we are having here between all of these devils, their mediators, their media and their fatwa producing thugs?!

What want wrong?!

It was a farce to have many conflicting reports about Ezit Al-Dori coming from the interim Iraqi government! There must be something wrong. The announcement of Eizat Abo Thalj capture came from ministers and official conference and not just by personal statements! These ministers are fooling themselves or they felt the joy, but professionals should make correct and political statements even if they are not sure.
Any way this may be taken as a lesson by the government to change itself.

Some of the members of this government spend lot of time and money buying suites, shoes, ties, and may spend long time in front of the mirrors combing their hairs and their beards! Some have nothing to do but touring the satellite channels for interview here and there! Others find new love inside the government among the pretty young female ministers! We heard that Ghazi Al-Yawar who got 6 or 7 children living in Saudi Arabia with their mother fall in love with the pretty Berwari the minister of Planning. He is planning to strength his ties with the Kurds! The problem is Berwari is a modern westernised woman while Al-Yawar though studied in the US he imitate the Oil Sheikhs in the oil gulf states at least by his uniform. This is not compatible with the Iraqi multicultural society. This uniform is in fact not very practical to wear during work because it restricts the movements of the person wearing it.

Whether Eizat Abo Thalj was captured or not the way by which his capture was announced was not appropriate.

Lastly the news strongly indicating that Eizat indeed was captured but because he hold important information about the cells of the terrorists and the link with the Zarqawi groups it has been decided to deny his capture for the time being. This will help in getting more information and allows intrusion through the network of these cells.

Najaf Searching

The Iraqi police conducting a big search this morning for weapons! Grand Iyat Allah Sayid Ali Sistani asked that his house should be the first to be searched.
The IP then started with the house of Sistani followed by the nearby area before going from house to house in the other regions.

When they arrived to Muqtada Sadr house the guards prevented them from entering. The guards took positions over the roof with their RPG7 and Kalashnikovs.
Muqtada Sadr then went to Sistani to complain about it and to refuse the search but Mr Ali Sistani told him that all the Iraqis should be under the law and the IP indeed started with his house!

Eizat Abo Thalj!

The reports about the capture of Eizat Dori deputy of Saddam are still conflicting. After the Iraqi government confirmed the capture they come back this evening and deny it! It seems to be we have to wait and see whether they are dealing with different person and waiting for the DNA before the final say or not!

There are reports that the person they captured is similar to Dori and he denied he is the same person but told that his name Eizat Ibrahem Al-Obidi!?

In another subject the Iraqi Police raided the triangle of Latifyiah south Baghdad (Sunni-Wahabi area) and arrested about 500 members belong to Zarqawi groups. Among them was an aide to Zarqawi! No one knows who he is yet.

In Najaf there is big demonstration today afternoon against Muqtada Sadr. The demonstrators demanded that Sadr expelled out of their city. Among the demonstrators are supporters of Sadr who turn against him at last!


There are very strong indications that Eizat Aldori the deputy of Saddam has been arrested near Tikrit!

After his arrest by the Iraqi Police and the US forces, 150 members of his guards tried to free him but most of them either killed or escaped.
More details later!

Congratulations for the victims of Abo-Al-Thaleg!

Update; Aldori Captured!

Al-Sharqyiah TV just now contacted the Minister of the state for the governances Wail Abd Alatef who confirmed the capture of Eizat Aldori (Abo-Athalj) and he also stated that he contacted the Deputy US forces commander in Baghdad who confirmed to him that Aldori is captured and he is in the hands of the US forces now!

The Wahabist Strike again!

The attack on the Russian school is not the first neither the last as far as the ideology which feed the hate exist in the Wahabi schools in Saudi Arabia.
The Iraqis in Najaf and Kerbala remember very well when the Saudi-Wahabi coalition Mobs supported by the British forces early 1900s, remember how they used to attack the civilians there and kill even the foetuses after they cut the tummy of the pregnant mothers!

Not only the Iraqis remember that but the people of Madina when the mobs of Bin Saud siege the city which refused to surrender and submit to his role. He then slaughtered hundreds of the Madina people and created ethnic cleansing by changing the social demography of the city. Of course he was a Bedouin man who knows nothing about this but things were drawn for him by the British.

The bloody attack on the innocent Russian children is beyond our description yet knowing who the attackers we wonder not! The same groups saturated with the same ideology of hate not only to the non-Muslims but Muslims who not agree with them, killed, raped, tortured, and did all evil in Algeria, Afghanistan, Philippine, Chechnya, India, Pakistan, Iraq, and of course imposed their doctrine over every one in Saudi Arabia and some other parts of the Arab world especially the Gulf oil (states).

On the same time of seeing these bloody pictures from the Russian school the Salafi Mullahs who polluted the world with their barking regarding the French show are (dump, dull and deaf)! More than that the guest of Qatar's Amer who filled the world with his growling (Sheikh) Yousif Al-Khardhawi produced a Fatwa allowed the killing of the civilian Americans in Iraq yet he got 2 daughters studying in the British universities under the protection of the UK police and 3 others in the USA studying under the protection of the US authorities! He uttered no word about the killing in Russia or Iraq but certainly feels happy inside himself!

The preliminary news indicates that two millions dollars paid by France to the first terrorist Wahabi group to hand the two journalists to another group which is supporting their release. The money is more than that because of the cost of the negotiating Salafi/Wahabi groups.

French foreign Minister said today that the hostages are well and treated nicely. He was so relaxed and asked the French to be calm as if he was sure about their release and their treatment! He is part of the show!

There are some rumours that the French government had secret negotiations with Abo-Mosab Al-Zarqawi group (Tawhed and Jihad). If this is true it is a serious political scandal for this government which always supported the dictators against their people.

In Kurkuk at least 18 Iraqi civilians and policemen have been killed and several injured by a suicidal bomb attack of the military academy there.

In Mosel heavy fighting between insurgents and US/Iraqi Police forces lead to many killed and wounded and one US helicopter downed.

The oil-pipelines attacks continued with one attack in the south today!

The on going crimes in Iraq are countless. Every day there are kidnapping, killing, hostage taking, robbery, rapes and so on! Saying that in Najaf and after the Iraqi Police controlled the city the people revenged against Sadr thugs who treated them badly especially in his court which is similar to Saddam's courts. One of his thugs found cut into pieces in his home and another one escaped but the people burned his house. Several others captured by the IP after the people informed the police about their places and exposed their crimes. Sadr himself went to pray in Imam Ali Mosque but this time the Iraqi Police stopped him and searched his car and him before allowed him to pass! The people of Najaf went in demonstration aganist Sadr on Friday shouting to expel him from their city. When he took control MS thugs showed the Najafis what they haven't seen even during the hard time of Saddam Hussein!

Lastly a statement from Najaf Hawza today condemned the kidnapping and killing of all nationals in Iraq and called for the Sunni groups to denounce that and to encourage and advise their sons to follow the correct peaceful path of Islam which respect all humanbeings and all lives and forbid killing and destructions.

New Face of Terrors!

On the same time the show of the propaganda of the French hostages continued and making from it a real drama, we see a new face of terrorism in the world.

France and the Pro-Wahabi Ulamma Al-Musleemen trying to achieve political goals from that show but they are not good actors. It is so clear from the kisses, hugs and visits between the above groups in Baghdad and other regions. France showed these Mullahs as if they are the most powerful authority in Iraq and beyond the power of the government.

It is the mistake of the Iraqi government to allow that to happen. The Iraqi government sent the IP to Najaf and killed many Sadr militias yet allowed Falluja and the triangle of death to be controlled by the Wahabis! More than that allowing the above Hayat Ulamma Muslemeen to negotiate on the behalf of the terrorists! This is a best example of how weak is this government and without a will!

While the above group kisses checks, rubbing noses, and doing all the hypocritical salutes their fellow Wahabists entered a new face of terrorism. It is now against the children not in the stations or the public places but in their schools!
The other new face of terrorism is the face of Saudi based terrorist Wahabi Women in Chechnya!

Dirty pigs are much better than the human race! More worse to come!

France and Terrorists Show!

On the same day the French journalists freed (now) there are two Turkish drivers (Muslims) were killed and two Macedonians been kidnapped. Before that 12 Nepalese workers murdered!

Those who went into the stage to do the performance regarding the French journalists uttered no word regarding the Turkish Muslims killed neither about the others.

There is no doubt especially if one looks to it retrospectively that there is an agreed show between some groups in and outside France to achieve specific goals out of this issue!

The French government showed that it got support in the Arab world as well as Muslims groups and the Wahabi Mullahs. It also hit more than one bird by one stone only. They showed that the French Muslims are supporting their fellow citizen in France more than supporting their Muslim brothers' outsides and carried out their Islamic dress ban smoothly! The terrorist of no doubt gained money and showed themselves as a civilised group who may respond to their Mullahs.

France also told the US and its old foe the UK that they are there and got interests with the people of the region. It is also a gift to Jack Chirac in his next election.

We don't like the French citizens to be taken hostage or murdered but on the same time we hate badly performed show like this.

What a dirty politics and professional killers!

Terrorism and Reactions!

What happened in the Nepalese Capital today by attacking the Muslims' mosques and properties as well as the Embassies and airline buildings of some Arab countries is a normal reaction to the mass killing of their fellow citizens.

We are not with these attacks because it is not justified either but this is what the silent Arabs and Muslims government expect to happen?

The attacks in Nepalese are the beginning of a new scale of reaction against the Arab governments which keep silent over the terrorists. Next time when nationals of other countries killed anywhere not only in Iraq, we may see similar attacks against the interests of states which support terrorism or incubate their doctrines. The attack against the interests of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in Nepalese has more than one meaning. The regional states to Iraq which export terrorists expect no less than that.

On the other hand the terrorist group which hold the Kuwaiti workers freed them in return for money (1/2 a million $) paid by the company concerned! This is an encouragement for more hostages in return for money!

Russia had acute on chronic problem! The terrorists emerged from no-where. Even the school children in their schools are not immune.

France delegates to Iraq exposed the relationship between the terrorists and the Sunni group of Haiyat Ulama Al-Musleemen by meeting them in Baghdad!

France should now answer the problem of the HIV contaminated blood exported to Iraq in 1990s! Can they open an investigation in that?

Interestingly French Muslim women wearing Hijab protested against the kidnapping and one said that they are prepared to replace the hostages themselves!

At the end of the day watch the release of the French hostages in the next few hours or days because there are talks about France ready to pay ransom to the terrorists. This was the secret message carried by their delegates to Haiyat Ulama Al-Musleemen which is the political side of the coin of the terrorists.

Watch the release and count the money!

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