Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Election of the local Provinces Councils in Iraq

About 15 million Iraqi went today Saturday the 31 January 2009 form 7 AM local time until 6 PM to elect the members of the local councils. There are 39 thousand electoral stations with 260 thousand workers facilitating the process of election in addition to the Iraqi security forces.

There are 407 political structures with 14428 nominees competing for 440 seats in 14 out of 18 Iraqi Provinces except Kirkuk, Irbel, Solymaniyah and Dihok in the North.

The election is organized by the Iraqi High Commissariat of Elections and the UN with 800 International Observers.

Until now there are no major security incident however thousands of Iraqis have not been allowed to vote due to absence of their names from the lists.

This is important election which will shape the political demographic map in uch different way than the previous one as the democratic process in Iraq moved towards better maturation. The Iraq citizens are now looking to give their voices to those who got better vision about services and building of a better life. This is more matured way compared to the previous election when more was given towards ethnic and sectarian issues. Every one is now looking for a change which is a good way and indicating some maturity. More or less the process went smooth with better freedom than the previous election which makes it more responsible way respecting the individual choices without pressure.

The results will be available from 3 February 2009 on ward.

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