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Is the American failure in Iraq imminent or not?

There are no doubts that the USA until now failed in Iraq after the 2003 war. The continuation of the existed situation in Iraq will lead to something even worse than Vietnam for America. The wealth and the strategic position of Iraq are highly important factors not only for the region but for the whole world. More than that is the fact of the regional influence and interests of other countries such as Iran in Iraq if the USA decided to withdraw from Iraq without leaving a stable Iraq with strong army and government which is able to provide security and progression in services and rebuilding. If such withdrawal happens without these factors, the first winner who will declare victory is the terrorists groups of Al-Qaeda. This will make the example of Iraq to some extent very acceptable to be implemented anywhere needed by these groups.

The Iraqi situation is now more complicated than before. The more it gets delayed the more difficult to correct it. Actions are needed sooner rather than latter and fundamental changes have to be done to create security first. This may even include big changes in the way the government is shaped now. If the existed system of the government going to continue to fail to find big and quick solution for the problems then a new system have to be implemented. The question that may be raised in this aspect is: does Iraq needs another strong man and military government to lead the country into a better security and normalization of life over the country before allowing all these chaotic parties who fight for power and not democracy. Indeed when Saddam Hussein toppled, Iraq ended with thousands of Saddam Husseins which divided the people according to their interests.

The basic principle to get the situation progress quickly is to give the existed Iraqi government full freedom to implement control over Iraq however there must be a timetable for them to achieve good results and conciliations between the political factions in a way that should serve the people and not the politicians themselves. The other very important factor is to get the services such as in heath, electricity, water, transports, airports, and others repaired and moving forward. The creation of jobs by investing in large rebuilding and new plans is extremely important. This can be done in the more stable areas in the south and north and linking these areas to the rest of the world by new airports will solve a lot of problems.

The success of the Tribes in Ramadi province to achieve victory over the terrorists groups have to be taken and implemented all over Iraq especially in the hot areas. On the same time the areas liberated from the terrorists have to get immediate rebuilding and big plans for all service and businesses so as the people will feel and see the differences. This, plus absorbing people into employments will make them to defend themselves from the terrorists rather than working for them in return for money. In reverse if after liberating these areas they achieved nothing and the rate of unemployment (75% in Iraq) remained same as well as service not improved or in slow rate then the reverse will happen and the base remain fertile for the terrorists to come back.

Rebuilding Iraq is extremely important and will definitely reduce the level of attacks and improve security. It is wrong to think by military means and number of troops alone one could solve the issues and this was proved wrong for the last few years indeed. The Iraqis would like to see their security in the hands of the Iraqi forces and they do NOT like to see themselves as merely occupied by occupiers who only concern about their safety and arrogantly patrolling their streets. It is uncivilized in the 21 Century to have occupiers arrogantly controlling a rich country in history and wealth. This is the exact feeling of the Iraqis when they see the occupied forces passing their street as something above the law and above them!!

Iraq needs strong leadership coming down to share with the people their problems and make himself clear daily or weekly at least, strong army (all of its aspects including air force), strong and capable well equipped security forces, big plans and business for rebuilding, repairing all services, reducing the unemployment, war against corruption which is one of the worst in the world due to the wars, and needs a clear timetable for both the Iraqi government to achieve goals and the occupying forces to withdraw as the conditions getting better. The last point is the one that Al-Qaeda doesn’t want to see in opposition to what they declare. They want to keep the USA forces remained in Iraq for long time so as to kill them on a daily basis by prolonged guerrilla war (hit and run or road bombs etc), or even creating new ways of attacks which may inflict more damage in the USA troops that we may see in the next few months or so. Therefore we now know who would like the USA to stay in Iraq and why and we know what the USA should do to get out of Iraq without big losses or losing face. We said that before and will repeat it here; it is the Iraqis who can make the success or the failure to either side. The answer is so simple and about helping the Iraqis to get their country back to normal and in its way for progress and living in peace with the rest of the world without exceptions. If the USA is able to achieve this they will go out of Iraq leaving the Iraqis controlling a unified, peaceful, and progressing Iraq, then the USA succeeded and not easy to mark their war as a failure. However if Iraq left as it is now with lack of security, no progress in any aspect of services and other rebuilding then the answer is very well know who won and who lost the whole issue or call it the war. It is difficult but urgent action is needed and on a wide scale.

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