Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Is Iraq on a civil war?

The present situation in Iraq could have been worse without the spiritual leadership of Ali Sistani. His restraining the Shiite from retaliation especially after the destruction of the Shrines in Samara played a great role in avoiding a large scale civil war. However the pro-wahabi terrorists supported by regional groups in Saudi Arabia continued to blow up Shrines belongs to Shiite Muslims. One of them was last night in Kurkuk and today one shrine attacked in Basrah and another one in Dora.

Last night 60 Shiite families were forced out of their homes in Tarmiyah and at least 60 were killed and wounded in a Shiite area after rocket attacks targeted their area today in Abodisher. Many other Shiite mosques were attacked in Diyala and Baghdad.

Civil war is going on now but on a scale less than that which was planned by the known and unknown groups and forces.

The responsibility for what is going on now is not only on Al-Qaeda and its supporters among some of the political parties but all the other parties bear responsibility because of their failure to form the government. The recent unprecedented and biased statements of the US ambassador in Baghdad (Z. K. Zada) were of great push for the terrorists to commit their acts. These statements were condemned by many Iraqi writers and Intelligent as they are based on a sectarian attitude. We feel that ZKZ is a better Ambassador in Kabul. Iraq needs a healer not a high commissioner.

What is needed now is a quick formation of the government and investigation about Samara Shrines to reveal those who committed it and the groups standing behind them as no one declared responsibility yet. Delaying formation of government is step towards civil war and more dangerous situation and it is what the terrorism pushing for.

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