Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Terrorists should be exterminated

The latest crime of the filthy thugs today was by a suicidal cockroach with a booby-trapped car in a busy fruit market in Sowara South East Baghdad. Until now there are more than 60 dead and more than double wounded.

The latest information indicates that some of the fucking suicidal thugs are not aware of the nature of the operation. The big filthy boars told them that they are going to give them a car to go to meet some one or similar thing. When they arrive into the point that the filthiest cockroaches decided they blow it up either by remote control or by a mobile telephone call to the driver. The driver usually had given some thing to eat or to drink to make him feel happy or depressed.

Sowara is one of the cities with Shiite majority of more than 95%.

In Al-Sader city in Baghdad the police found 14 bodies with banded eyes and tied hands. They have been shouting from the back from a near range and superficially buried in an abounded area.

Many other terrorist attacks continued all over Iraq today.

On the other hand the Iraqi forces captured some of these coward cockroaches and seized large number of arms in Basrah and Kurkuk.

The Iraqi Student Unions today issued a statement determined to follow the terrorists where ever they go to send them to exterminate them. The statement comes after one Student in the College of Pharmacology in Baghdad (Masar Sarhan) found dead few days ago. He organized a party of celebration to his colleagues about the newly elected government.
He was then found beheaded outside his accommodation next day. The students who where with him claimed to have been hearing the Dean threatened him directly because he mastermind the celebration party. The dean was among the members of the Bathist regime according to the students.

The Bathists tried to regroup with networks and secret meetings. They used same intimidations as if they are still with power. On the same time many of them have been killed in revenge for their blood stained hands.

There are some local news about Abo-Massab Zarqawi had sexually transmitted disease possibly HIV. He was admitted to Ramadi Hospital under faked name. His file was destroyed after he escaped from imminent arrest. Staff in that hospital disguised him with women veil and drove him away. He was then received investigation and treatment outside. He possibly had sever inflammation of his rectal and anal region with protractible diarrhoea.

The last question which needs an answer is where was the 100 Million dollars gone which disappeared most likely by forgery during the time of the CPA of Paul Bremer.

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