Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Terrorists enjoying internal and external support

The terrorist attacks in different parts of Iraq today resulted in hundreds of civilians killed and wounded.

The joint attacks on the terrorists positions by the US and Iraqi forces in the west near the Syrian borders are still going on. These attacks showed the terrorists to be equipped by military uniforms, helmets and anti-weapons protective jackets and well armed. These equipments are supplied from Syria with its Syrians and 2500 Saudi fighters. The money for this supplied by the Saudi and Gulf states organizations and from organizations in the Western countries.

As for Syria not fulfilling its obligation to prevent terrorism and interferences in its neighbors and not able to protect its borders then the US and Iraqi forces should think in implementing a buffer zone inside the Syrian border with Iraq and as deep as to 50-60 KM inside Syria if needed. The forces may also choice when and where they go deep to follow the insurgents who either come from Syria or go back as a safe heaven.

It seems to be that Syrian interferences and support for the terrorists is not going to end unless the Syrian regime finished once and for ever. Democracy and freedom in Syria without the present dictator regime will help to get rid of the Syrian support for terrorism.

On the other hand when the 2500 Saudi terrorists squeezed and forced to return back to their home it will be the best way forward for the Saudi government to have their terrorists back there. This government measures terrorism in double standard. If it happened inside its land they call it terrorism but on the same time they export it after graduating it from their Wahabi schools.

Inside Iraq the Iraqi forces should but an end to those who support the terrorists like (Hayiyat Olama Moslemen) which is a pro-wahabi Sunni hypocritical organization and its alike.
Lastly today Radio Sawa stated that Abo-Mosab Zarqawi has been injured in Ramadi but was able to flee toward the north-west

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