Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Public Justice

Few hours ago the Iraqi civilians in the centre of Baghdad near Haifa Street captured two terrorists before they carry on their crime.

This is not the first time that the Iraqis capture terrorists before the cockroaches commit their filth but this time the people perseverance with postponing justice by the government has finished and they decided to carry out immediate justice.

After capturing the terrorists the brave civilians impose the justice the criminals deserve. They hanged them in the street and made them a lesson and warning for the others. This is probably why the terrorists used a dog (Mujahdeen) today in the north of Baghdad. They booby-trapped the dog with explosive by a strap around it and when an Iraqi police patrol passed; they put the strap off with a remote control which killed the dog only. Eight suspects were immediately arrested in connection with it.

The Ministers of Interior and Defense announced today that the Iraqi forces will implement a new strategy called the lightening. They will move from the defense to the strategy of strike. The best way of defense is to take the initiative of the strike suddenly, strongly and unexpectedly by the enemy. Instead of surrounding yourself with concert barriers and waiting for the terrorists to attack you, go for them and destroy their heads. It is easier, safer and will involve not only the terrorists but any one who supports them.

On the other hand Eizat Al-Dori Saddam’s deputy who is still fugitive called in a letter for a full scale Jihad against the infidels. He called to kill them everywhere in streets, bases, houses and offices. The problem is that this dangerous man vanished yet if he is still alive he must have a big role in the insurgency.

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