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Iraq is in a vicious cycle

One of the most important questions about the developments in Iraq since the fall of the tyrant regime is; what have been achieved and if so how far?

There is no doubt that the biggest achievement was the removal of the most tyrant and dangerous regime in the region, however there is very little or no achievements happened thereafter especially in regard to the reconstruction process. The reconstruction has been delayed or postponed due to the presence of a dangerous security which is getting worse in some areas in the last few weeks.

The reconstruction in Iraq is a very big process which will suck a lot of sectors and companies from all over the world in rebuilding the oil structures, roads, buildings, ports, water plants, electricity, railways, IT, markets, health system, agricultures, petrochemicals, airports, telecommunication, education, and many other countless businesses and major works. This of course will provide substantial opportunities for employments locally and internationally which will be good for the Iraqis and the companies. With the improvement of the oil export from Iraq the world economy and oil prices will be more stable and the need to depend on one country will end.

Here the Iraqis always ask the same question which is why not the reconstruction not started in the stable areas in the middle and the south of Iraq. For example Karbala, Nasiryiah, Samawa and Najaf are areas where new airports may be constructed. This will open the country into the outside world a case which will help also the international companies to benefit from the process by an easy access to the country. It will reduce the unemployment in Iraq and reduce the travel through Jordan and Syria and get more investments and reconstruction to the country. These issues and other related will break the cycle of terrorism and improve the security and by the end of the day the cycle willget reversed so as the more the improvements and the reconstructions the less the terrorism. This will bring success and victory to the party which toppled the regime and not the opposite side.

There is a vicious circle in Iraq now between unemployment, poor conditions and the terrorism. It is wrong to wait for the terrorism to die before starting the reconstruction because, first it will never die fully in short time and second one have to break this vicious cycle. Breaking down the vicious cycle will allow rapid solutions and stability. Therefore all the other options to start reconstructions should be explored especially in the stable regions first.

There are many companies and firms are waiting to play a major role in the process of reconstruction and they want to see an end to the crimes which affects the security and delays the whole process.

The failure of course will not be welcomed by us but those who oppose the war on the regime started to make big noises about such failure. Any failure of course will count as success for the terrorists and the states which support them.

As far as the democratic process is concerned, there is little or none achieved by the existed parties in Iraq and so as by the National Assembly. Each one of these parties and their members are working and behaving with a dictatorship and selfish attitude, not different from any other Middle East dictator. The best example is the delay in the formation of the government and the failure of the present government to keep the security while putting back many security officers who worked under the tyrant regime in top positions which is a big disappointment to the victims of that regime.

There are many rings in the way of this vicious cycle which need to be broken from many sites instead of dealing with one issue at a time.

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