Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Alert for the Iraqi Authorities: Give them more celebrations!

Following the suicidal attack against the Shiite funeral in Mosel by a cockroach the other cockroaches fired rockets to prevent a mass funeral for those who were killed.

After this many Tribal and local leaders called the justice authorities today to hang all those who are involved in the terrorism in the main squares in Baghdad and other cities to make them example for the others. Most of the Iraqis are now demanding to hang the criminals in public.

There is no solution but to hang in public the rapists who confessed that they came from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, and others to kill and rape!

The family of the Jordanian terrorist who carried out the suicidal attack in Hilla which resulted in killing 132 Iraqis two weeks ago, held a festival ceremony in their city in Saltt in Jordan. They call it bridal ceremony of the martyr!
His father stand to receive those who come to congratulate him about the suicidal operation carried out by his son. They distribute sweet, cake, drink, and show happiness and smile and talk about how the expired is now enjoying himself and will act to get his father and mother with him in paradise!

The news of the ceremony came in Al-Ghad newspaper in Jordan. They stated that Raaied Mansor Al-Bana killed 132 most of them were Americans! They also stated that he was just one among many martyrs who went all over the countries to kill the Americans.

RM (32 years old) graduated from Law College in Moata in Jordan and lived in California in the USA during the 11 Sep 2001 events!!

RM also lived in the UK and he travelled to Saudi Arabia few weeks before committing the attack. He told his family that he is going for Umrah. From KSA he went to Iraq. Two days after the Hilla attack his family received a call from some one identified him as a youth from Al-Jazeera men! He congratulating them that RM is a martyr with another Jordanian called Safowan Al-Eibadi in Hilla!

One has to ask a question here; where is the Jordanian government from this?

More important is that, this is another clear indication that the origin and headquarter as well as the doctrine and money which feed these attacks is in the Saudi Arabia which is called Al-Jazeera.

Similar ceremonies have been done before in Riyadh and other parts for Saudis carried out suicidal attacks in Iraq as well as for Syrians, Lebanese and other Arabs.

So, why the Iraqi government is not making the families of those who were arrested now to enjoy and celebrate similar ceremonies as well?

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