Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

What after this election?

3 days from today the election results will become official if not contested by the parties

National Assembly will be formed from 275 seats from the parties according to the votes results

The NA then elect President and two deputies that should get at least 184 vote

Within 2 weeks from their appointment the President and his deputies should appoint Prime-Minster who should form a government

The PM will then put his full government to the NA to get the go a head by not less than 138 votes of the NA

The government then start its work if accepted

The NA will the form a Constitution by 15/8/2005

The Constitution will be put for general election by no more than 15/10/2005

If the Constitution accepted by general vote then general election will be done no more than 15/12/2005

If the Constitution rejected by not achieving acceptable votes then the NA will be dissolved and a new NA assembly elected to amend the Constitution to be put for another general votes.

So based on the above any parties not taking in consideration all the Iraqis will not pass. They have to except failure in the next round.

The Iraqis want freedom, democracy, peace, good services, strong economy, ending the terrorist in Iraq, good relation with all nations without exception and on the top of all rebuilding the country in the best way.

Alert: Results of Election

Declared just now!

169 The Iraqi Alliance wined by 4,75295 votes which represents 131 seat!

The Kurdistan Union comes second just over 2 million votes which is 70 seats..

Iyad Alawi alliance got 38 seats only.

Other details later.

Congratulations to the Iitylaf Iraqi Al-Mouahad.

For free, democratic and prosperous Iraq!

Iraq for all the Iraqis.

Thank you for our friends from the Coalition forces who provided security for election and on the top pf them those who lost their life among them.

No for the terrorists
Yes for democratic and free Iraq and Middle East.

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