Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Pregnant Elephant delivered a Rat!

The wahabi terrorists in Yosfyiah (the triangle of death) killed 8 Iraqi Shiite passengers and kidnapped other 3 from a minibus between Baghdad and Najaf. The other kidnapped three were later found beheaded.

In an ugly and disgusting crime the same terrorists beheaded a wife and her husband inside their home. The couples are Iraqi Christians who were missed by the relative for several weeks. They then found them at their home beheaded and their bodies decomposed.

The Iraqi police in Najaf killed 4 and arrested 9 Saudi wahabi insurgent terrorists trying to cross the border early morning on 11 Jan 2005 with 4 bobby trapped cars ready for detonation. The rest of the group escaped back inside Saudi Arabia. At least one of the arrested was most likely Syrian.

In a programme by Al-Jazeera TV two Iraqis were invited. One of them supports the process of democratization and election and the other who lived in France (Communist) called Noori Al-Moradi against the election. The later considers the election as an American game no more no less! Until here it is OK, because he just represent his own ideas but the most dangerous thing is that Al Moradi called the Iraqis that if there is going to be a civil war then the Iraqis should burn the alive and the dead among those who fight because as he said that they are just two factions of pro-American traitors. This call is a serious thing which we think is not allowed under the French law and it should at least be investigated by them.

On the other hand if the CBS TV holds responsible its broadcasters for incorrect information about GWB, then the international community should know that it is more dangerous to leave Al-Jazeera TV un-accounted for its wide support for the terrorists. If the European and French law blocked Al-Manar (Lebanese TV) then why it should not apply its law on Al Jazeera which is openly and more widely support the terrorists?

One have to mention that the tape that the Interim Iraqi Minister provided to Al-Arabyiah TV about 4 Iraqis talking about crimes is nothing but propaganda not even equal to the size of the well organized terrorist crimes which continued on a high scale today. In that tape one of the ugly criminals said that he killed and beheaded many people, while the deputy minister for Interior commented by saying that he will forgive those who repent!

Yes, it is true; the Elephant get pregnant then went into labour and just delivered a rat!

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