Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Daesh and the Corruption:  two faces for the devil

ISIS (Daesh) and the corruptions in Iraq are vicious cycle leading to each other.  Since 2003 following the downfall of Saddam Hussein regime and the US occupation of Iraq until now corruption became endemic and multiple.   Hundred of billions of dollars disappeared due to the corruption according to reports by the international organization such as the TransparencyInternational. 

The corruption become so endemically widespread in all aspect of the government and private sectors.   Bribery and similar become usual practice in the land registration, certifications,  police, security forces, oil, and other services.   It crippled the country’s already damaged services such as the electricity, health and education.   No single services escaped the corruption including the existed anti-corruption body itself which is under the influence and pressure of the political parties and even the role of law and courts.

The political parties are themselves indulged in corruption by many different ways.   This corruption killed more people that the ISIS war as a result of lack of services, lack of road safety, and absence of safety measures where it needed. 

Corruption in Iraq made the state very fragile and weaken the government.   It needs multiple wars much more difficult than the ISIS war to clear it.   This war needs transparency and should start sooner otherwise more decline will result.   Even the money paid for constructions by international organization and states were lost. 

The Iraqi government should use neutral international investigators with the help of the UN so as to avoid pressures from the big heads of the corruptions on any internal investigation bodies.  It should start with these big heads who were on the top of power.   It has been said that the Iraqi PM got at least now 300 files of major corruption in front of him.  

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